Stone countertop - we change the interior of the kitchen. Application features


A stone countertop for the kitchen makes it easier to prepare, decorate the room, for a long time it serves the owners. Let's look at the most current options that can emphasize the character of your room.


Features of artificial stone

You can ask the question: why do we need to study the characteristics of the material, its features. Everything is quite simple. Manufacturers make furniture from MDF, DSD, wood, plastic glass. But in the catalogs of furniture do not write about the shortcomings of the material.

As a result, acquiring "a cat in a bag" over time has to deal with mold at the joints, the side parts that get water, swell. I will not further list all the charms of cheap material.

Facilitates cooking, decorates the room, long serves the owners

For kitchen work, it is necessary to choose furniture that is safe, does not emit harmful substances, is durable, resists well to shocks, the fall of dishes. Why these features need to be taken into account? You must be sure that no chips, cracks after the preparation of chops, or a knife falling onto the surface will appear on the tabletop.

There are more important things. Products come into contact with furniture, so furniture must be safe for health. I did not say about safety in vain, since the name of the ingredients for manufacturing: polymeric binders, aluminum trihydrate, acrylic resin can be embarrassing.

Do not worry: all the ingredients for the production of liquid stone are thoroughly tested and do not affect health.

The high price of natural stone countertops make them available only to units. Unlike natural materials, artificial counterparts are cheaper. Such material imitates natural stone quite well.

Practical coating

Type of materialprosMinuses
Agglomerate Decorative properties: resistant color. Resists abrasive materials and acids. Uncomplicated care (does not require expensive detergents). Representative expensive view. Heat resistance (not afraid of hot and cold dishes). Durable (does not lose its properties 10 years). The tabletop is heavy. Difficult installation. A small selection of colors and textures. Joints difficult to mask. Not repaired.
Liquid stone Resistant color (the material does not fade, does not change the shade during operation). Lack of seams (there are no restrictions on length of a table-top). Scratches, the effects of blows are repaired. Decorative look. Manufacturers can create complex shapes. Large selection of colors and textures. Uncomplicated in care. High price. Crumble from hard shots. Poor resistance to acids. Heat resistance is low (supports are necessary). Difficult installation. Long production time more than 21 days.

The perfect combination with wood

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Unique options

Tell about the "liquid stone." Do you think how you can combine the hardness of the stone and the fluid flow properties? The developers of artificial material took the beneficial properties of these substances. The result is an ideal kitchen surface.

What does it consist of:

  • Polyester resins - from 30 to 40 percent of a polymeric binder.
  • Colored granules - from 60 to 70 percent of decorative filler.

Hi-tech style

Fillers have a second name - chips. Their color, size, texture affects the color and pattern of the surface. Manufacturers mix colored granules in different interpretations to get unique color compositions.

The manufacturing process is complex:

  • The above listed quality mixes are prepared.
  • Liquid stone is applied to the surface with specified dimensions, parameters. Consider where the sinks will be.
  • Selects the thickness of the layer. Standard size for products from 3 mm to 15 mm.
  • Long drying process.
  • The final polished surface.

What makes this offer attractive to you? I will talk about three directions.:

  • characteristics;
  • decorative;
  • financially.

Let's start with the last one. Liquid artificial stone is much cheaper than a sheet and several times the price is lower than the natural one. At the same time the working surface for the kitchen does not lose its attractive appearance for up to 10 years.

Maintains temperature to 180º

Countertops have ideal kitchen characteristics.. Does not pass and does not absorb moisture (in any form). As a result, do not have to deal with mold. Safe from the point of view of hygiene. There are no pores in dense material, food remains do not remain on the surface. Consequently, bacteria, microbes have less space for reproduction.

What we get in the end: easier to clean, less pollution, no need to buy expensive detergents. Everything is washed quickly and without any problems.

Maintains temperature to 180º. What could be better. Do not need coasters.

The interior becomes more neat and pleasing to the eye.

Will last for many years

And now about the main thing from the decorative point of view. Various color sets are made from this material.

Well imitate:

  • granite;
  • marble;
  • sandstone.

For lovers of modern design trends, manufacturers make products in white or black. The work surface and the table become an art object.

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Artificial liquid stone

Let's talk about acrylic surfaces. Acrylic, durable stone, such as granite and pigment are used in production. The blending properties of this composition when mixed make it possible to produce any form:

  • round;
  • oval;
  • curved.

Ecologically safe

Let's talk about the advantages for design and operation:

  • Environmentally safe. Hypoallergenic. It is important for cooking and health.
  • It has an expensive and decorative look. Even laconic product options look solemn.
  • There are no restrictions on the manufacture of any size and shape. In large rooms, tables are created without seams. In small it is easier to place the necessary furniture.
  • Thanks to technology, there are no docking seams. Leaves of food do not fall, the edges do not spoil.
  • Does not react to ultra-violet rays, as a result, it does not fade over the years and retains the original color.
  • It is more pleasant to the touch, unlike a natural stone.
  • Large color variety over 500 different shades. Choose for yourself the original version is easy.

Hypoallergenic material

Let's be honest: there are drawbacks.

Some can be overcome on their own:

  • The main one that scares away is the price in comparison with MDF, laminated surfaces, chipboard. But cheap materials have a number of drawbacks. One of them is fragile. And the expensive artificial stone is durable.
  • Low temperature resistant acrylic models. But it can be solved with the help of decorative stands.
  • Long period of manufacture. It is necessary to adhere to the correct technology to get high-quality material.
  • The difficult process of installing worktops. Works are performed only by professional installers.
  • Some models are destroyed by alkalis and acids. But if we consider that these materials are not so often used in the kitchen, the danger is reduced to a minimum.

There are no restrictions on the manufacture of any size and shape.

Perhaps you think that the words: "you can make a tabletop of any shape" is an ordinary advertising technique.

Let me tell you about the production method called spraying. Designers develop the project and choose color. Mix the ingredients. Liquid stone is applied layer by layer onto a pre-cut billet of chipboard.

Leave at a certain temperature for hardening, then carefully polished and gently polished.

There is a reverse method. The liquid mixture is sprayed with a thin layer on the edges and bottom of the prepared mold, then several layers are added. After partial hardening in the form stack the workpiece. For these works apply MDF or chipboard.

It has an expensive and decorative look.

To remove air from above evenly stack the load. Stand one and a half - two hours. After that, the load is removed and the entire structure is filled with a solution for final finishing.

After this process is repeated, as in the first case:

  • grinding;
  • milling;
  • polishing.

As a result, the base or the workpiece is protected from exposure to the external environment. Unusual bends are created. The ends are neat. Below I will talk about the use of various types of liquid stone for interior decoration. You will understand why this material remains relevant.

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Modern models of quartz agglomerate

Quartz agglomerate is often recommended for kitchen countertops for several reasons. Why would you know the details? Do I need to delve into the production process? Find out what characteristics the material has?

Quartz Agglomerate

But let's think about why there are special requirements for kitchen furniture? Important safety, resistance to physical stress, heat resistance.

Consider the benefits of stone:

  • It is easier to choose a uniform tone for furniture of complex shape, consisting of several fragments. The beauty of the interior and harmony are guaranteed. This is important both in the neoclassical interiors of large houses and in laconic kitchens in standard panel houses.
  • From the material is easy to model parts. He bends well and can be processed. There are no cracks in the production process.
  • Withstands very high loads, so you can safely install heavy kitchen equipment. It does not deform the tabletop.
  • Durable sets, thanks to the exclusive qualities of the material, eventually turn into antiques. If you choose the classic option, it will not get tired for a long time and will always be in trend.
  • Good treatment: easy to cut a hole under the sink or hob. Some materials crumble during such manipulations, and the moisture does its job and the headset falls apart. Such a misfortune will not happen with artificial stone.
  • Not afraid of the effects of acids and corrosive chlorine compounds that are used for cleaning.
  • Resistant to mold and mildew. Waterproof.
  • Good resistance to temperature drops, which is extremely important when cooking.

It is easy to choose a uniform tone for furniture of complex shape.

It has no natural (natural) radiation background, unlike natural stones. This feature is a priority for kitchen furniture. The family gets a complete, safe food.

To make the right choice learn about the shortcomings. As we said above: who is forewarned is protected.

They are few, but there are:

  • The maximum length of the plate is 3 m. If it is necessary to manufacture furniture of greater length, it is not always possible to perfectly mask the joining seams. However, this problem can be solved with decorative transition plates or filled with colored pigment based on glue.
  • The surface is not restored. But let's be frank, few of the owners from morning to evening, hammering on the surface of the furniture.
  • Transportation of the workpiece is carried out exclusively in an upright position. But this is more of a manufacturer problem. They organize transportation and installation in the kitchen.
  • Plates are thin: from 20 to 30 mm. If necessary, increase the thickness of the method of pasting.

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Application in interiors

Production features are described in order to assess the physical characteristics of the material. Manufacturing technology is not mentioned for short. Artificial stone is an ideal option for making high-quality, durable furniture for the kitchen.

BoardAfter reading about the pros and cons it is easier to choose the type of stone that is suitable for an apartment or house. As you have noticed some with high strength, others create a seamless monolithic connection.

Stylish, beautiful kitchen

If it is necessary to make corner tables, a bar with an unusual shape, a kitchen island, create an exquisite connection of a sink table top, there is a dilemma about which material to use. It is difficult to make of chipboard, MDF, ceramic tile does not have sufficient strength, wood and natural stone are expensive. The advantages of artificial stone are obvious.

Modern trend: worktop and kitchen apron are made in the same way. In this case, easier care. The absence of inter-seamless gaps of tiles ensures clean and attractive look.

Corner kitchens are placed in different ways. This may be L-shaped or U-shaped arrangement. Combining a standard working area and a subwindow block can be considered convenient.

Part of the countertop is used as a dining table.

For lovers of exclusives a great opportunity to place a hob on a semicircular model. In this case, it is better to choose electric or induction cookers with two burners. They look more harmonious than gas.

1For classic interiors develop models with iconic features of historical style. A wonderful combination: a work surface, a dining table and a kitchen island, a bar counter are made from a material imitating green malachite and marble. The room takes on a majestic look. For classic interiors, an imitation of stone carving is created.2Modern different smooth lines. The working surface as if flows into the sink. Accessories imitate floral motifs. The table top is complemented with baseboards, which create a smooth transition to ceramic tiles and prevent debris from entering the table.3Empire, classic - strict forms with a clear dark color geometry. Accessories are gilded, doors with decorative applied elements. You should not choose round or oval shapes. Strictness emphasizes greatness.

Modern is distinguished by smooth lines.

4Baroque, Rococo - light marble, graceful forms. Frilly overlays on the facades. For baroque - acanthus leaves, Rococo complement imitation shells. This technique gives the interior lightness and airy pretentiousness.5For Provence suitable model repeats the structure of sand or pebbles, "bleached" granite. This corresponds to the main features of the "sunny" style.

Each style is a manifestation of your individuality.

6For eco styles appropriate natural colors: brown, green, beige and other natural shades. In this case, concise forms are appropriate. 7Loft The urbanistic direction is distinguished by a subtle combination of coarse details and presentable furniture. Graphite color does not distract attention and emphasizes the decor of the room.

Provence style

8Pop Art bright modern style allows the flight of fantasy in the choice of colors and shapes. It is completely opposite to the fundamental classical styles. It was this direction that presented innovations in ergonomics and bright, slightly screaming color gamut.

Make your choice deliberately, having familiarized yourself with all styles beforehand.

9High tech - the combination of the newest technologies, the advancement of the aesthetics of materials is chosen by people who are young at heart and prefer minimalism with a large use of metal and modern artificial materials. In modern interiors there is an interesting connection: a white dining table and a black work surface. The combination of green and brown colors pacifies. Beige creates a relaxed atmosphere.

Loft style

Choosing the color of the tabletop, take into account several factors. It can complement the overall color direction of the design, become a color spot, mask the imperfections of the room (small size, elongated shape).

It will be interesting for you:

How does a white kitchen with a white worktop transform the interior? 145+ Photo styles and variations of design solutions

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Daily care to maintain order

Depending on the type of artificial stone, choose detergents. If you have any questions, check with the manufacturer. Basic tips below.

Agglomerate is not afraid of acids, abrasive detergents and high temperature. There will be no problems with it. You can safely put a hot pot or pan. Acrylic compounds have a large range of colors and textures.

Looks expensive and bohemian

With liquid artificial stone a little different.

BoardAvoid acidic cleaners. Use coasters for dishes. Do not drop items on the countertop. The material is not resistant to shocks. Wash with neutral detergents. In case of heavy contamination, it is enough to add a little "Domestos" (or similar means).