Brown color in the interior: 260+ (Photo) "Chocolate" design. Interesting and original color combinations


The brown color in the interior is a classic and universal solution for the decoration of the premises for any purpose. Options as it turns out can be much more. They are so familiar to us that sometimes it is not seen how much this color around us. Let's take a closer look at all the nuances that need to be taken into account.


A color scheme

The noble brown color scheme is used in the design of any style and direction, both classic and modern. The practicality of this decor is evident on brown surfaces, especially dark ones, and pollution is almost imperceptible. A large variety of brown colors of light and dark shades provides the breadth of choice.

One of the key properties and advantages of brown is combinatorial. This color is combined with almost any color. With it, you can mute the bright colors and make the interestingly boring shades more interesting.

Brown color scheme is used in the design of any style.

Combining with other colors and shades, the brown palette does not divide, but organically combines the differences into a whole composition. Consider some examples.

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With beige

Brown with beige is a good solution. They are balanced with respect to each other, for they belong to the same palette. The interior, solved in a brown-beige vein, creates a special atmosphere of homely warmth. This is a great option for the design of bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms. Shade the interior will allow the inclusion of bright elements in the form of curtains and various accessories.

For the nursery it is worth picking up a more cheerful decor. Here, brown is best used in combination with pink. In the bedroom, this solution may also be appropriate, since it creates a comfortable atmosphere of gentle romance.

The practicality of this decor is obvious

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Dark brown

Associated with shades of coffee and dark chocolate. These are the colors of the classic range, give the interior a nobility, emphasize the high status.

Combinations with other colors and shades can be taken to decorate the interior of a room for any purpose in the house. This may be a living room, bedroom, hallway, kitchen or other room. Brown, along with green, is a means of providing a calming atmosphere. Design is preferred by people who intuitively strive for peace, because they are prone to unrest and feel more comfortable in such an environment. Conservative shades are more than appropriate in the interior of a classic style.

Brown with beige - a good solution

It should be remembered that the shade of chocolate is too dark to use its solo. A small room decorated in chocolate tones will seem bleak and cramped, like a rabbit hole. In order to avoid such design mistakes, it is reasonable to use additional colors to dilute. Return to the menu

Combination with other colors

One of the most suitable for a pair with dark brown color is white. Although the combination of brown and white looks pretty bland, but because of this they are asking for additional expressive accents. Bright colors provide a wide field for design experiments. Neutral white will always help to cope with unnecessarily darkened corners.

Dark brown with beige is a very successful duet. Beauty and poise are equally present in this monochrome combination, since both of them come in the same color range, but at the same time they are as far from each other as possible.

This color can be combined with almost any color.

Beige and brown shades are a warm atmosphere in the room for any purpose. Especially in comparison with the brown-white duet. The combination of dark brown and beige seems to be a good solution for creating a cozy interior living room or bedroom.. Perfect picture finishes - bright accents. For example, textiles and other items.

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With red

Red-brown is associated with mahogany and looks luxurious in the interior. Serves as an embodiment of quality of life and respectability.

Brown color forms a spectacular pair with red in the interior. This is a traditional solution for the English style, it is often used, equipping offices and living rooms.

The shade of chocolate is too dark for solo use

Red and brown are related colors, and therefore in a duet they look very harmonious in the interior. Such a decorative effect is achieved by incorporating red in complex dark brown shades.

Restrained and practical is associated with stability and diligence, and the presence of red in the interior gives the atmosphere a nobility and makes it solid.

The use of such a tandem is particularly successful in combination with wooden objects in the interior..

The room has a warm, cozy and especially homely atmosphere.

The combination of brown and red in the design, for example, the living room, is organically complemented by white. Bright, bright and even appetizing design is provided to the interior.

Discreet and practical interior

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With green

This is a harmonious couple. One naturally complements the other, as in nature, the trunk and branches of the tree continue the leaves. Nothing beats natural fantasy, these are the best combinations in terms of aesthetics.

In a couple to green with a predominance of yellow tones should be selected chocolate, in order to achieve maximum visual effect. Thanks to lemon shades, the interior in brown becomes lighter and the mood in such an environment rises by itself. The most advantageous design looks in the kitchen, dining room and living room.

The spring combination of young foliage with wood bark is pleasant to the eyes, uplifting, fills the soul with optimism and harmony. In the interior, this fresh and natural combination looks as organic as in nature.

In classic style

In the living room, whose walls are decorated in shades of brown, elements made in light green, pistachio, lime hues look interesting. Such an environment helps to relax and fully relax, having worked nicely during the day, your nerves and thoughts will come in order.

The combination has certain advantages:

  • No matter which component of the color pair will be dominant, harmony will continue in any case.
  • Green apple in combination with a chocolate shade does not require dilution with other colors.
  • In the interior, the furniture of brown color is organically complemented with textiles and accessories in a green palette.

In the interior of the bathroom

Brown in a duet with green seems to be the most stable color solution and the calmest combination of two natural shades bestowed on us by nature itself.

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Brown color in the interior of rooms

Let's take a closer look at how color can affect the interior. As with the selection of a particular zone, you can set the tone for the whole design.

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For kitchen

Brown color - a very good solution for the kitchen and dining room. The chocolate-colored walls along with the brown color of the tree create a respectable atmosphere that ensures a good appetite in a cozy atmosphere.

The brown decor of the kitchen is a time-tested popular design that does not lose its relevance in our time.

Brown in the interior of the kitchen is recommended to alternate with colors such as beige, yellow, white, green, orange or blue.

A very good solution for the kitchen and dining room.


In the kitchen, decorated mainly in shades of brown, most appropriate furniture made of wood. Plastic surfaces that mimic the wood structure can also look quite solid.

Dark brown furniture looks favorably in a room with light walls, furniture of light shades is organically combined with brown decor of the walls. Furniture furnishings can be either monochromatic or multicolored, and the surface can be matte or glossy. The choice of furniture design depends on the basic style. The decor is reduced to a minimum or, on the contrary, preference is given to products richly decorated with carvings.

The perfect solution for the kitchen

Features of kitchen design in shades of brown

The floors in the kitchen are finished with laminate, tiles in brown shades. Curtains with brown patterns are hung on the windows. For wall decor use wallpaper in the same tonality. The plaster is painted in the appropriate colors. When selecting tiles are guided by the same rules.

In the brown kitchen looks great dairy home appliances.

BoardIn the kitchen, it is recommended to use several fixtures to create soft lighting.

The final moment in creating a complete design picture will be a coffee-colored tablecloth with tonal dishes.

Looks great items household appliances steel shade

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Entrance hall

The classic hallway in brown color - the choice of people with conservative tastes. Resistant stereotype, folding for decades, wooden furniture, decorated with various shades of brown.

She comes in many different shades. However, fans of natural materials still choose the colors of natural wood.

Tint variations enough in this case. You can lean to:

  • oak;
  • alder;
  • cherries;
  • apple, ash;
  • nut;
  • chestnut.

What option would not be chosen, it is important to achieve a harmonious combination of all the elements in the interior of the hallway.


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In the interior of the bedroom brown will have the best possible way. Brown shades will help to gently relax. Calm and undisturbed sleep are guaranteed, and in the morning you will be greeted with an invigorating and fresh shade of coffee.

By adding white color, the nobleness of a room decorated in brown is achieved. To avoid some monotony in the interior it is worth adding an accessory of bright colors.

To dilute the brown color in the bedroom, you can use beige and pale pink. In this setting, the place of romance and tender feelings.

In the interior of the bedroom brown will have the best possible way.

ATChoose a shade of brown for the bedroom

The bedroom decor in chocolate tones has a calming and calming effect. For the decoration of the bedroom should be taken materials of light brown shades.

Excessive use of dark brown in the interior visually reduces the room.

Small bedrooms are decorated with light colors. The issue of lighting the brown bedroom should be given special attention. It is desirable that it was as natural as possible. Dot arrangement of lamps will achieve the desired effect.

BoardDilute the color of chocolate in the interior of the bedroom with hints of lettuce, beige, apricot, as well as neutral white.

These shades will help to relax.

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In the living room

Brown color in the interior of the living room allows you to create a comfortable environment for meeting with friends and relaxing with your family. The brown tones in the living room are nice with their neutral look, providing a calm atmosphere.. Many people have juicy and bright colors in the design of rooms, they are annoying in such conditions. And since the living room is a common room, the soft colors in the design are what you need. Thanks to this technique, a pleasant environment is created for all.

Bright colors should be left for additional decors and accessories, which also have a place in the living room. For the living room with a fireplace, a good color combination of brown and pale orange. Such a duet will create a warm mood for the room and fill the atmosphere with sunshine.

Color allows you to create a comfortable environment for meeting with friends and relaxing

The most common complementary color in the brown interior is white.

Thanks to him, he manages to lighten the dark brown color, to give it a fresh and life-giving shade. A winning solution for a chic living room.

Cheerful people with an active lifestyle are choosing bright accents that lift their spirits. From such a living room do not want to leave. Due to the correct supply of brown color scheme in the interior, coupled with a competent design, you can transform any living room and make it amazing and extraordinary.

The combination of brown and beige color is the best option. Given the variety of color shades, you can achieve a magical effect in the interior decor.

Provides a relaxed atmosphere

Brown shades in the interior of the living room

The most popular shades:

  • Cocoa. It usually goes, not as a primary color, but as a decorative element, to create a bright accent in the room.
  • Chocolate. The most successful addition is ivory. Also suitable for accentuation of objects in the interior.
  • Cinnamon. This tone is characterized by extraordinary softness and warmth. Thanks to him, a calm and peaceful atmosphere is created in the room, which is so important for the living room. The perfect complement to cinnamon is red and yellow. Adding the color of melted milk or cream to the shade of cinnamon will help create a romantic atmosphere.
  • Tree. A special effect can be achieved by combining woody shades with bright colors - red or yellow. The perfect harmony will provide a combination with shades of natural greenery. Positive mood and cheerfulness in the living room with a similar design are guaranteed.

Brown tones in the interior of the living room is always in fashion. This is an example of a classic design. By choosing the right shades of brown, combining them with other colors, you can give the apartment a style that feels stable and reliable.

Brown color is associated with the earth, as the basis of everything and the key to a strong and durable family hearth. The presence of coffee and sand shades in the interior creates an atmosphere of elegant comfort. In the brown living room is nice to relax and unwind from everyday worries.

BoardLiving rooms with a brown finish should have good natural light. This decoration is more suitable for living rooms with good natural light.

Data tones in the interior of the living room is always in fashion

Brown color is suitable for decoration of the living room in any style. Bright accessories in the form of cushions, paintings, vases, figurines will dilute the overall dark background in brown tones.

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Accessories and finish

Before finishing and choosing accessories, you need to think through every detail. Indeed, in each interior the main thing is not to overdo it with one or another color or combination.

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Furniture made of wood in the interior - it is solid. Brown leather sofas differ especially. Shade brown furniture allow curtains, sustained in brighter colors. To balance the rich colors in the interior of the furniture, the walls are trimmed with materials of beige color.

Kohler plating wooden furniture is selected with special care. These are green, red, beige, pale pink and shades of the primary color. Black in pair with brown is not worth taking. Before buying furniture made of natural wood, consult with the designer so that you do not have to change the whole interior.

Carefully match color combinations.

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Wall-paper of brown shades as finishing material, enjoy invariable popularity. The design in soothing colors is a good solution for premises of any purpose. In addition, these wallpapers are classified as finishing materials that allow you to create combinations with most of the existing color shades. This gives great opportunities for wall decor.

Brown shades are multifunctional. With this must be considered, using them in the interior. Proper selection of the tone of such wallpaper allows you to provide an accent, lightening or, on the contrary, darkening of the room, contrast and transformation of the space.

Wallpapers of this color are always popular.

However, despite the significant advantages of the brown shade, such wallpaper has always been used in the interior with care. The prevalence of dark colors in rooms can provoke a bad mood and make you feel worse. But the correct decoration of the walls with brown wallpaper allows you to achieve harmony in the design of the room. It is comfortable to stay and rest comfortably.

Since the decor of the wallpaper can be made in different shades of saturation, difficulties with finishing any room in the house, as a rule, does not arise. This applies to the hallway, and kitchen, and living rooms. It should only when choosing and sticking wallpaper stick to a number of simple but important rules.

In restrained colors

How to use wallpaper in the interior?

Using wall coverings in the interior, follow the guidelines below:

  • since most brown edemas are rather dark and somewhat gloomy, thoughtful lighting in the interior comes to the fore. Taking this act into account, stick the wallpaper on the walls, illuminated by light from large windows, or place lights so as to achieve good lighting;
  • in order to ensure the durability of the wallpaper, you should select the building materials with a resistant layer of paint. This is especially important in places where the wallpaper requires regular cleaning - in the kitchen, in the hallway, hall, hallway;
  • You can create additional dynamics in the interior by diluting the brown color with brighter and lighter shades. For example, cocoa or beige colors;
  • Remember that dark brown wallpapers - brown, chocolate - are not suitable for the decoration of small rooms, because they visually reduce the space;
  • Wallpaper with a large pattern should not be taken for pasting the entire perimeter of the room. For example, wallpaper with large flowers is preferable to use for the decoration of only one wall in the room for the purpose of expressive emphasis.

Several elements of the room in the given style

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To pick up curtains on windows it is necessary with due attention. Designers recommend choosing a model, color and style of curtains, be guided by:

  • common colors;
  • light level;
  • the size of the room.

What matters here is the perception of this color, its relation to it. If it is perceived as the color of chocolate, coffee, cocoa, then it is an unconditional positive and it is your color, but if you do not like shades of brown, then you should minimize its presence in the interior.

In combination with blue

All of the above should be considered when using brown shades in the interior decoration. This is especially true of dark color schemes. Furniture, wallpaper, curtains and other accessories are selected so that the room was nice to be. Warm brown tones create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom, living room, nursery.

Provides peace of mind, tranquility

The main thing is to ensure that the interior is not overloaded with saturated dark color. This makes the design heavier, makes it gloomy, impairs visual comfort. Bright accessories, contrasting decor, and original pieces of furniture can do a good job in revitalizing the interior.

It creates an environment of safe comfort.

The curtains of these shades soften the interior, thanks to the property to reliably protect the room from the sun's rays. The only drawback that has already been mentioned: the optical reduction of space. In addition, the dominance in the interior of dark brown tones makes the situation in the room gloomy.

There is no reason to refuse the presence in the interior of the curtains noble brown shades. Just do not forget about compliance measures. The palette in the interior must be applied correctly. It is organically combined with all woody shades of dark brown with veins of black color, wenge, which often comes into play when creating a contrasting design.

The brown color is appreciated for the depth and richness, the nobility that it brings to the interior.. Of great importance from the point of view of the designer is the breadth of the tint palette. In some variations, you can catch burgundy or even purple notes.

Such curtains soften the interior.

Plain dark brown curtains - a good design for living rooms and sleeping interiors. If these rooms are spacious enough and well lit. For rooms with a smaller area brown color can be left on the curtains of light color, in the form of patterns, drawings, fringing, accessories.

Variants of combinations

Dilute the color in the design of window openings can be such a technique as double curtains. For this purpose, plain canvases are complemented with a transparent curtain of tulle or organza. Special elegance can be achieved with the following combination - dark brown curtains without a pattern are hung at the edges, white, cream, cream, melted milk or ivory colors are placed closer to the center of the window, and the middle is decorated with a canvas that has both colors.

BoardKnit curtains will help to avoid busting with dark color. For alternation take white, cream mesh material. Contrast shades provide a specified result. The texture of finishing materials also goes into business.

Art Nouveau

Under the wooden furniture shade of wenge, designers recommend curtains of other, lighter or darker colors. The color of the window curtains and the doors located opposite can coincide, which creates a harmony of colors in the interior.

You can resort to another way to combine in the curtains the colors of the situation in the room. For example, brown curtains, trimmed with beige ornament. They will be repeated in the decoration of walls, furniture and other objects in the interior.

Cocoa Shade Curtains

An interesting solution - the design of the window space curtains shade cocoa. Thanks to the pleasant colors, it seems as if the room is filled with the familiar aroma of a favorite drink. This delicate shade is traditional and relevant in design.

An interesting solution - the design of the window space curtains shade cocoa

Cocoa hue is suitable for a classic and modern interior design style, in an organic combination, with both pastel and rich colors. More than appropriate in the decoration of the nursery and the bedroom. The cozy addition in the form of cocoa shades echoes the design of the walls, furniture, flooring, without focusing on itself, but creating an overall calm background.

Monochrome fabrics look spectacular on the background of the walls, decorated with an ornament, or the same monochrome.

If the curtains are decorated with drawings or patterns, then a more successful monochrome wall design.

Curtains cocoa color will be appropriate in any room. Additionally, the interior can be shaded by a carpet, an original lamp shade, sofa cushions and other accessories. It will be interesting to look and design techniques such as a niche, decorative wall, as an element-accent.

Rustic style

Coffee curtains

Another option for curtains - coffee with milk. This color is also associated with a tasty drink, and because of its versatility in use, it is used by the designers in constant love. Coffee shades are in fashion and often find application in interior decoration.

The secret to the popularity of coffee tonality lies in the ease with which they are combined with other color shades. The sizes of the decorated room have no value. Coffee shades are equally good for both spacious and small rooms.

Experts in the field of color therapy rightly argue that the shade of coffee with milk has the property to soothe, has a positive communication.


Not everyone has the opportunity to engage in interior design in their home or office. Here specialists will come to your aid. Practical advice - a good help in matters of interior design. A well-considered approach ensures the achievement of the effect of brown in the interior.