Kitchen design (+220 Photos) modern interiors of a small kitchen of 9 m2. Functional and concise design


Small kitchen with an area of ​​only 9 m2, - a typical phenomenon for communal apartments located in prefabricated houses. But, at present, a small room is not a problem for compact placement of household appliances, headsets, and dining areas. Properly designed kitchen design will look stylish and meet all the requirements necessary for the premises of this appointment. In the article we will talk about the most interesting kitchen designs 9 m.2, interior updates, let's talk about styles, colors, lighting.


  • To make the kitchen functional
  • When the house is rarely cooked
  • If the house is often eaten
  • Choice of kitchen design
  • Curtains in design
  • Lighting
  • Color of kitchen set
  • Walls
  • Colour
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  • To make the kitchen functional

    Competently designed compact kitchen looks stylish

    On the kitchen area at 9 m2At first glance, it is not always possible to implement design ideas. But it is not so. If you do not use openwork, frilly and detailed styles, for the realization of which additional space is needed, you can choose the option of a concise, and at the same time, functional design. To make you feel comfortable in the kitchen, it is important to consider some points.

    The main thing is maximum functionality.

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    When the house is rarely cooked

    Kitchen design, in the case when food is prepared only for breakfast, rarely - also for dinner, does not imply a large headset. It is more expedient to install a bar counter or tabletop instead of a dining area, which can be combined with a window sill. In the design of the countertops use new technologies: the board can recline or retract.

    Minimum furniture and appliances

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    If the house is often eaten

    For the design of such a kitchen, where the meal is a frequent occurrence, the primary task is to organize a full-fledged dining room, which is easier to arrange if you combine the kitchen with the living room. Kitchen design involves a seating area or a full-fledged dining table, chairs or stools.

    Highlight the dining area in the interior

    The appearance of this area plays a special role, so more attention is paid to it than to the place where food is prepared. It is important here what decor will be on the walls, how best to use the lighting, whether all family members will be accommodated at the same time. You always want to have a special atmosphere in any room, including the kitchen. It can be created by using beautiful covers on chairs, lighting fixtures that will hang over the table.

    In a place where the whole family gathers, there must be a special atmosphere.

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    Kitchen with balcony

    The design of this kitchen is performed as a result of redevelopment of the apartment. Many people like to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, sitting by the window. This gives them new strength, especially in the presence of a picturesque landscape next to the house. Considering that the kitchen area is small, a balcony or loggia attached to it increases it. The dining area is brought here.

    Dining area on the balcony

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    Corner Kitchen

    In the design of such a room should be two windows or a special layout. With a lack of space for furniture, use all the planes located vertically. It would be expedient and practical if you install built-in furniture with wall cabinets up to the ceiling. In this case, space will be saved and all pipes, a counter, a gas water heater will be hidden behind the facade of the headset.

    Use all planes to place furniture.

    When planning to install a sink in the corner, it is best to choose such a set, the corner stand of which will have a trapezoid shape. So you will provide a convenient place for cooking and storing various items. Return to the menu ↑ Return to the menu

    Choice of kitchen design

    To create a new and unusual in kitchen design, do not be afraid to experiment. New items at design the interior are different shades of colors, unusual in the use of materials and different textures. Regular furniture replace multi-functional with intricate shapes. Be sure to get expert advice.

    Do not be afraid to experiment with colors and shapes.

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    Modern style

    It is preferred for business people. The main characteristic of such a kitchen is functionality, where rational use of space to the last centimeter is thought out. Every little thing is important here. You need to think carefully about the quantity of household built-in appliances, how many niches you need to install, and install headset modules for the kitchen.

    Modern style is, above all, practicality and conciseness.

    Modern style is a fresh solution in design. When used in the decoration of walls, floors and furniture, the latest technologies are applied. This kitchen has a horizontal arrangement of objects, bright colors, glossy and metal surfaces. In the decoration there are no flowers, as well as natural patterns. The decoration is mainly carried out with creative materials of non-standard shapes and sizes. The modern style is hi-tech, minimalism.

    When finishing use the most modern technology.

    Given the small size of the kitchen, build appliances into furniture or use niches for this. Since the refrigerator is the most dimensional device, find a place for it in another room, for example, in the hallway or on the balcony. If this possibility is not available, purchase a model whose surfaces will have a glossy finish. They, playing with light, greatly expand the space. Return to the menu ↑

    High tech

    This style is currently the most common in the interior of a modern kitchen. Characterized by combining textures that have differences. It is easy to determine this style: elements for the manufacture of which metal or glass was used are present in large quantities, as well as electrical equipment. Here it is important to make the right arrangement: so that everything is at hand and does not clutter the space.

    In high-tech used a lot of metal, glass, glossy surfaces.

    Kitchen design will always look stylish if you pick up furniture, as well as appliances and electrical appliances in the same style. If any of the above will correspond to another direction, everything that is in the kitchen will not be combined with each other. For information: high-tech differs in the use of bright, saturated tones: red, green, blue and others. Return to the menu


    This is a style that has always been and will be relevant. It is characterized by expensive, but not striking, details of a strict form from natural wood. All elements are arranged symmetrically, the tone used is pastel. But items made of solid wood, take up a lot of space. For this reason, the classic style is hardly suitable for a small kitchen with an area of ​​9 m.2. For such a room is best suited light palette and small dimensions.

    Classic is characterized by the use of wooden parts

    Choose electrical appliances in the same style. They will be harmoniously combined with the design of the room. It is important that the palette is bright, beige, gray, green tones are welcome. Design, made in this style - a solution for people who prefer the comfort of home.

    Light space is best suited for a small space.

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    This style of kitchen design is a fairly common modern trend. Distinctive features are soft colors and natural materials. It is important combination of compactness, practicality and elegance. The smoothness of the lines and the refinement of the furniture give the kitchen a special flavor. Small details and patterns - not a hindrance, but on the contrary, it is only welcome.

    Provence is soft colors and natural materials.

    For the manufacture of furniture and finishing coatings use natural materials of natural origin. This style is characterized by pastel shades of light shades: beige, light gray, and pale yellow. The room in this style is homely, somewhat reminiscent of the rustic cuisine of the south of France. It is always a lot of indoor plants.

    The spirit of the rural south of France in your home

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    No decorations are used here. Modernity is characterized by not distinguished strict forms, as well as an abundance of kitchen appliances and a lot of light. The interior design uses light shades of pastel colors: green, blue, yellow. Ceramic tiles, embossed wallpapers or decorative plaster are used for the walls, and marble, wood, and ceramic tiles are used for the floors.

    In the modern stand out strict forms and a lot of light.

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    It is concise. For marine style use a light palette of rich natural shades. The furniture here is usually massive, the choice of which fit with caution. Using this style, it is important to focus on the dining area, and place the working area more compact.

    Mediterranean style is distinguished by massive furniture.

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    Country music

    This style is for those who love comfort. For the manufacture of furniture, which will be present in the design, wood or pressed sawdust is used. Doors must be made with glass inserts. Characterized by the use of a minimum number of equipment and electrical appliances. The kitchen should be only necessary, no frills. Use natural materials such as stone or wood to finish the coating, although artificial substitutes are acceptable.

    Door lockers with glass inserts

    Curtains for windows are better to sew from linen or cotton, and for the ceiling more suitable is a coating made with white paint. This direction provides for the decoration of the floor knitted rugs of small size. It is important that the interior prevail gray color, and with different shades. Design in country style is preferred for older people.

    The minimum in the use of equipment and electrical appliances, the maximum of natural materials

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    Curtains in design

    For a small kitchen in 9 m2 You can use different versions of curtains.

    Roman blinds are comfortable to use.

    Roman They are distinguished by simplicity and functionality, they take up little space. For their manufacture using different materials. These curtains are easy to use.Jalousie They are well cleaned, simple to use, and provide good protection from the sun.On grommetsSuch curtains are better suited for windows of modern kitchen. They are easy to use and easy to clean. If necessary, any shape and size is selected.

    Classic heavy curtains are not suitable for small kitchens.

    For small kitchens, classic curtain models or those used in restaurants and cafes are not suitable.

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    What color to choose

    Indoors without curtains, the windows are uncomfortable and empty. It is important that their color is in harmony with the general tone of the kitchen. Curtains choose so that their color matches the furniture. If this task is difficult, stop at a neutral color: cream, beige. Light-colored curtains always look good, with light in the kitchen.

    Beige curtains always look advantageous

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    In the design of the kitchen is very important lighting. The larger it is, and no matter what it will be: natural or artificial, the kitchen will seem more spacious and comfortable. Indoors with large window openings are always more natural light. The influx of light through the window will increase if you do not use bulky curtains. Better sew them from a thin or transparent fabric.

    The more light, the kitchen seems more spacious

    From heavy curtains can be completely abandoned, if you install blinds. Never use one lamp for the whole kitchen. Sources of artificial lighting, select individually for each zone. For lighting the dining area, use a beautiful chandelier, and for the working - lamps. To illuminate the working surface, shelves, cabinets, niches, use LED strip.

    Use spot lighting for each zone.

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    Color of kitchen set

    There is a concept - a good design. However, a number of factors affect how it will actually be. One of these is the color of the furniture and its combination with the shades of other items that are present in the kitchen. Some examples of the perfect color combination:

    Black color is universal for the interior

    • White - It is a universal color, which is combined with all the others, but better with black, red, blue.
    • Green - a good combination with black, yellow, brown colors.
    • Beige - elegantly looks, being combined with white, gray blue.
    • Blue - this color is applicable in combination with black, red, yellow.
    • Gray - this color combines many others: purple, red, beige, blue, pink.
    • The black - universal, its combination with white, green, red, pink flowers has a good contrast.
    • Red - looks good in combination with black, white, gray, green, blue colors.
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    The kitchen is a room with features that should be considered when finishing the walls. Humidity is always elevated here, temperature fluctuations are frequent, fatty spots constantly settle on the surface. Therefore, finish the walls with moisture-resistant materials that are not afraid of temperature extremes. In addition, they must be well cleaned.

    Walls must be moisture resistant, easy to clean.

    For floors, choose a coating that will withstand the fall of sharp and heavy objects. Such materials are tile and laminate with a waterproof coating. Transform the walls of your choice. Thanks to the decoration of the walls, the kitchen can be divided into separate zones, for example, working and dining. In interior design, the use of unusual materials and contrasting colors is welcome. Do not be afraid to experiment.

    Using color, zoned space

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    To visually enlarge the space, use light colors. White is always relevant for the ceiling, and darker for the floor. The greater the contrast, the higher the ceilings appear.

    To visually increase the height of the room, use a combination of contrasting colors: at the top - light, at the bottom - dark.

    The gray color in the decoration is fashionable, other colors are perfectly combined with it.

    Gray is always fashionable, as it blends well with other shades. Here it is important to highlight several elements with bright spots, for example, curtains, chair covers. They can be red, green, yellow.

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