Layout of the 1st (one-room) apartment (210+ Photos). Styles from "A" to "Z" for small-size Khrushchev


I am ready to share with you my observations and the subtleties and nuances of the process of organizing space in a one-room apartment, which I personally noticed. First of all, attention should be paid to the functionality, then the list goes comfort and style. All this and forms the basis for the design of the apartment. Everything is more detailed later in the article.


  • We start with a plan
  • Learn more about zoning techniques.
  • The magic of colors
  • Top 12 ways to visually expand the space
  • We equip ancillary facilities
  • Placing furniture in a one-room apartment
  • What style to choose
  • Top 10 Tips for Designing a Small Room
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The best layouts for small apartments
  • We start with a plan

    Even the most compact "odnushka" can become a multifunctional housing, if properly approach the organization of space. There were difficulties - contact the designer. Do not save at this stage, because in the created situation you will live for one year, and the atmosphere of the apartment directly affects the performance and human health.

    It is important to competently approach the organization of space

    In the process of drawing up a plan for a one-room apartment, it is recommended to take into account all the requests and wishes shown to the space.

    Increase the space from the physical and visual points of view. Here, without redevelopment of the apartment is not enough. If it is necessary to move the walls, such actions should be coordinated with the relevant services.

    Without redevelopment can not do

    The easiest way to make an apartment physically more spacious is to remove the partition walls between the auxiliary and main rooms. As a rule, in one-bedroom apartments, combining the main room with a kitchen is welcome. If this option suits you, move on.

    Remove the partition walls

    Then proceed to the allocation of zones: kitchen and residential. For this purpose, various designs of the ceiling and floor are used. In certain areas there may be different levels, contrasting colors or coating materials. When working with the main zone, further division of space is required.

    Zoning the bedroom and office using color

    Select the area for rest, work. This helps the use of simple partitions. They can be stained glass, fabric, wood. The purpose of such partitions is more symbolic than functional.

    In a one-room apartment there is no place for bulky closets. It is necessary to get rid of them. Taking into account the design project, it is worth ordering furniture with compact dimensions and maximum functionality.

    Allocate areas for rest and work with simple partitions.

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    Learn more about zoning techniques.

    You can zone a room, the space of a one-room apartment using one or several methods:

    Highlight areas: kitchen and residential

    1 various partitions, arched apertures. I really like screens - one of the classic methods of space zoning; 2, the construction of the podium allows you to select the desired zone. It can perform the function of additional storage space or hide the exit bed on wheels, which is very popular today; [/ wpsm_numbox] right;

    Zoning with a screen

    4 sliding doors also have the right to be. They create a solid canvas, delimiting space, for example, a sleep zone from a work zone; 5 finishing materials of different color, texture; 6 curtains hiding shelves or dressing rooms are widely used to create an insulation impression; - one of my favorite topics. Using various sources of illumination, you can achieve an impressive effect in the issue of the division of space. It is possible to use floor lamps, wall lamps or spotlights.

    Use different in color and texture finishing materials.

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    The magic of colors

    A huge role in the design of the apartment is played by colors. Light visually make the room wider, bright - narrow it. The interior of a one-room apartment cannot be overloaded with a play of colors.

    The presence of light transmitting surfaces, decorative accessories, mirrors looks perfect in a one-room apartment. Of course, the choice of color depends primarily on preferences, but for a one-room apartment, calm, warm colors are always advantageous.

    Choose calm and warm tones.

    Part of the room can be painted in a different color, while respecting the rules of integrity and unity. The choice of color is a huge topic for discussion. Going into this or that room, we get impressions, it is from the selected colors, because the color affects the sensations and perceptions.

    The color scheme is a solid foundation that builds all the space. That is why choosing one or another color, I place a number of requirements on it. I stop on the one that meets the following criteria:

    Part of the room can be painted in a different color.

    • energizes;
    • improves mood;
    • creates feelings of security, calm and serenity;
    • reminds of pleasant and joyful events;
    • fills with energy;
    • strengthens morale;
    • helps relax;
    • works on the side of space without eating it.

    Light colors are ideal for a one-room apartment.

    Light color, strip, simplicity of textures - ideal for a one-room apartment. Here you can use various finishes, materials and furniture.

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    Top 12 ways to visually expand the space

    There are several tricks to visually expand the space:

    Expanding space

    1 light is one of my favorite topics. Using various sources of illumination, you can achieve an impressive effect in the issue of the division of space. It is possible to use floor lamps, wall lamps or spotlights. Pastel and light shades in the interior, while the ceiling tone should be lighter than the wallpaper shade; 3 mirrors, mirror surfaces;

    Choose small furniture

    5 Furniture made of transparent materials; 6 identical flooring for the whole apartment; 7 strips are a well-known and popular technique. If you lay the floor perpendicular to the long wall and add striped wallpaper to the short wall, there will be a noticeable effect of expanding the space;

    Contrasting colors expand the room.

    8contrast color. Expanding the room allows the use of finishing materials in a contrasting color. For example, for a long wall used wallpaper with an unobtrusive pattern of neutral shades, on the end - more vivid and warm colors; 9glossy wallpapers visually increase the area, because they reflect light;

    Use one floor covering for the whole apartment.

    10 suspended furniture. It turns out that our eye takes the floor area for the area of ​​the entire apartment. If you raise the furniture a little above it, an illusion of free space arises; 11glossy furniture fronts that add highlights to the space; 12lighting. Light should fall on long walls. The simpler the chandelier, the better. Wall sconces, floor lamps, and a combination at different levels add room to the room.

    Glossy wallpapers visually increase the area

    Modest in size apartment with a large amount of light becomes much more comfortable and visually voluminous. One lamp is not enough. You will need to purchase additional lamps and place them in different zones, illuminate the furniture with them and delimit the space. Remember that bright light quickly tires.

    Install additional lamps and place them in different zones

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    We equip ancillary facilities

    A full-fledged design of a one-room apartment is impossible without a carefully designed design of ancillary facilities. Kitchen, bathroom and toilet - the rational use of the area of ​​these rooms and a change in their design allow to increase the visual space in the apartment. Let's start in order:

    Think carefully about the design of a small studio

    • kitchen. In this area should be located everything necessary for cooking and eating. Save space will help wall cabinets, compact bedside tables and sideboards. The table is best to choose round;
    • bathroom and toilet. The combination of a bathroom and a bathroom gives an excellent aesthetic result. Replacing the bathroom with a shower also frees up square meters;
    • Installing glass and transparent doors is a great way to expand the space. Such doors can be safely installed even in the auxiliary room. It is enough to place blinds on them that can be closed at the right time.

    Bathroom in a studio apartment

    At the planning stage, it is worth paying close attention to the location of the outlets. In the kitchen area is especially important. Competently planned arrangement of electrical appliances will ensure convenience of cooking. Consider the location of the outlet for the washing machine, a place where you will be comfortable using a hairdryer.

    Plan the location of electrical appliances

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    Placing furniture in a one-room apartment

    Arrangement of furniture should be comfortable, in this space you relax, sleep, work, eat. This is me not the best place for a big bed, as well as bulky closets. What can be used:

    Furniture placement

    1 sofa bed instead. During the day, she will transform the room into the living room, and at night turn into a full-fledged sleeping place. As a rule, these pieces of furniture have bulky storage boxes, which will also save space;

    Instead of a bed, use a sofa bed.

    2 built-in wardrobes - another option. Quite often, modern models are complemented by a mirrored door, which additionally expands a small space. Sophisticated design with a variety of shelving, hanging shelves make the wardrobe truly indispensable in a small room;

    Sliding wardrobe with mirrored door expands small space

    3 function table. In a one-bedroom apartment it is difficult to place a coffee, writing, kitchen, computer tables at the same time. You can use the option-transformer, which is easily installed on a different height, size. Add to it a few folding chairs that can be easily hidden when not needed.

    Use the multifunction table

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    What style to choose

    The most popular interior styles of a one-room apartment are the following solutions:

    1classic - Preservation of traditions, ideal for preservatives. It is based on the correct proportions, simplicity, naturalness. Wallpapers, as a rule, are made in warm colors, and the floor using parquet;

    Classic style in a small room is better to arrange in a bright shade.

    2minimalism - differs by right angles and simple shapes. The interior is not present anything extra. Quite often used raw materials: wood, concrete, brick. The color scheme may consist of contrasts.

    The interior in the style of minimalism is not present anything extra

    3french style - the union of space is a feature of this direction. Zoning takes place with the help of screens, shelves and aquariums. Used functional furniture, occupying a minimum of space;

    French style looks very nice in a small room.

    4avant-garde - interior solutions that combine incongruous. Bright colors and various forms, contrasts, original furniture - all this can be chosen by people who are not afraid of experiments;

    Avant-garde - a style for those who are not afraid of experiments.

    5high tech - the greatness of bright colors, the lack of a large number of decor, the predominance of complex textured surfaces in combination with minimalism;

    In the high-tech style often make student rooms

    6modern - the principle of creating a single harmonious environment in which each element complements each other.

    Modern - austere and harmonious interior

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    Top 10 Tips for Designing a Small Room

    So let's summarize. To plan a design in a one-room apartment, you need to consider 10 components of success:

    Maintain a sense of freedom and lightness

    1Nothing superfluous - complete clutter, an abundance of things, a large number of decor create a feeling of pressure in the apartment. Only the most important items should remain here. Minimalism is the best solution. The conciseness of the facades, the use of light colors, strict lines - all this will allow not to overload the apartment with excess, to preserve the feeling of freedom. 3A can the podium for the bed? Such a structure is made to order, is a reliable and very convenient system. On the podium itself you can place a play area for a child or create a recreation area.

    Nothing more, the best choice is minimalism.

    4Transformer furniture is an alternative for apartments modest in space. It can be a chair-bed, a sofa-couch, a sliding table, folding chairs. 5 Open shelves visually increase the space. The disadvantage is that they are not suitable for storing household items, but they are light and mobile structures.6 Zoning with partition walls is the best way to divide space.

    Use partitions for zoning

    7Furniture arranged indoors, rather than along a wall, makes the room more voluminous.8Loggia, a balcony is a reason to think about uniting.9The optimal color range creates a balanced atmosphere. 10 Correct lighting, reliable electrical wiring will provide all residential areas with high-quality light.

    Indoor furniture increases space

    Layout plan of one-room apartment

    Layout plan of one-room apartment

    Layout plan of one-room apartment

    Layout plan of one-room apartment

    Layout plan of one-room apartment

    Layout plan of one-room apartment

    Layout plan of one-room apartment

    Virtual layout of one-room apartment

    Virtual layout of one-room apartment

    Virtual layout of one-room apartment

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