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Due to the strength of the material, steel construction is the best option for reliable protection. By strength indicators of reliability, steel structures are superior to wood products. Therefore, when entering a dwelling, it is wiser to install such canvases. This is especially important for a residential building whose entrance is located directly on the street.

Steel construction is the best option for reliable protection.

Among the many models of steel doors there is a gradation that separates them in terms of protection, maximum service life and aesthetic appearance. Before acquiring a steel structure, you must decide for yourself which characteristic is more important for the characteristics of your housing. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

Criterias of choice

The strength of the input depends on the thickness of the steel sheet, its internal structure.

For outdoor entrance products, it is preferable to give preference to the sheets of steel sheet with a minimum thickness of 1.5 - 2 mm. If the room requires a high level of protection, in addition to a powerful locking system, you need to choose more durable steel sheets with a thickness of 3 mm.

Preference is better to give sheets of steel sheet with a minimum thickness of 1.5 - 2 mm

The device includes a frame (box) with canvas. The frame made of a single-seam monolithic pipe with a single weld is reliable. Such a contour of the frame is called closed. An open loop U-shaped frame is also used.

The door leaf can consist of one sheet, two sheets and three sheets consisting of two external, between which the main sheet is placed. In the case of using one outer steel sheet, a panel of chipboard, MDF or other material is mounted inside. The design of the three sheets is the most durable and reliable. The inner sheet creates additional rigidity.

Closed frame contour most reliable

In the device of the street door must be provided for its insulation to protect against freezing. For this purpose, laying between steel sheets of mineral wool, foamed polyurethane or other heaters.

Such insulation is considered internal, is reliable. You can also achieve warming with the help of external, internal decoration, which will provide not only an attractive look to the door leaf, but also relieve condensation and freezing.

Beautiful and bright appearance attracts attention.

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Types of exterior design

Having studied the structure of the outdoor steel door, which influences its appearance from the outside, let's move on to considering options for its exterior decoration.

The exterior of the structure should be combined with the facade of the interior of the house, and inside - with the designer style of the room.

Entrance design - not only protection, but also decor

Modern models of input structures, thanks to the use of a huge number of finishing innovative materials, are presented in various design versions. They attract with their elegance, elegance or restrained simplicity. They can be selected to suit any style that suits your home.

Modern models of entrance doors can be chosen for any style.

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Powder polymer coating and hammer coating

The surface of the metal entrance doors, coated with polymer powder using an electric discharge, high temperatures, becomes resistant to external mechanical damage, corrosion, significant temperature changes and ultraviolet radiation.

Polymer coating protects and extends the life

Such a coating not only makes the surface strong, not susceptible to damage, but also gives it a noble look. A variety of color shades and methods of applying the powder in the form of relief patterns, allows you to create on the surface of the canvas a unique design that becomes a worthy decoration.

Polymer coating gives a noble look

A similar appearance can be obtained with the help of a hammer paint coating. This coating method is cheaper, and the coating is not as durable as powder spraying. But their appearance is identical.

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Natural wood trim

Wood trim serves as additional thermal insulation and gives the appearance

For the decoration of the metal door leaf using wood panels, made mainly from oak, mahogany, pine, beech and cherry. Such a finishing coating is not only additional thermal insulation, but gives the appearance of the wealth and well-being of the owners.

For finishing use mainly massifs of an oak, mahogany, a pine, a beech and cherry.

These doors are therefore, often called elite. The wood of valuable species, before it is used for decoration, undergoes a long drying at a certain temperature. Then it is treated, giving the surface a certain look, for example, they retain the natural texture or make the surface smooth.

Solid wood doors are called elite.

It is given a variety of shades with a protective lacquer coating. They also use various elements of ornaments in the form of ornaments, geometric forms, various monograms of forged metal, glass inserts, mirrors. Extra shine of the wooden surface is given with the help of furniture protection products.

Wood is shaded with a protective varnish coating.

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Surface cladding with MDF panels

MDF is a compressed fiber board made of wood chips of a small fraction. The finishing of the metal door leaf with this material is mainly carried out from the inner side facing the living space. Exterior trimming with MDF is possible in case the structure is protected with a visor or it is located inside the veranda of the house.

Exterior trimming with MDF is possible if the structure is protected.

Both sides of MDF panels are made of natural veneer or PVC film with the texture of natural wood.

MDF perfectly imitates the decoration of natural wood, is a good option for replacing it. Various colors of the material allows you to choose the finish for any design style. The use of additional trim elements greatly improves the appearance.

Various colors of the material allows you to choose the finish for any design style.

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Use for finishing forged items

Perfectly to decorate can be forged products from metal rods. Patterns of curls and various ornaments, made according to the old technology of forging by hand, effectively decorate the door leaf, harmoniously complementing the overall solution of the entrance group, the pediment of the house. An additional advantage of such a finish is protection against the breaking of the door leaf.

Additional plus - protection against hacking

Often forged items are installed on the insert, made of glass. In this combination, they look especially expressive. For the most part, forged jewelery is made individually according to the customer’s designed sketches, therefore they are exclusive.

Forged jewelry is made individually and is exclusive

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Glass stained glass and other glass inserts

Metal door leaf with stained glass insert looks very impressive. Despite the fact that it is made of glass, safety is not impaired. Cloths with stained glass are not inferior in reliability to armored heavy-duty products.

This is achieved by a special impact-resistant glass. In addition, a stained-glass insert is often mounted in the recess of the door leaf. This makes it inaccessible for hacking. Stained glass doors are suitable for installation in country mansions, cottages, any private buildings that have a fenced adjacent territory.

Glass inserts add lightness

Such stained glass groups significantly transform the facade of the house, making it unique, because there is practically no one stained glass door, similar to others. Particularly bright stained glass insert when it is illuminated by the sun's rays.

The effect of the shimmering shades of different colors creates in the hallway space a magical atmosphere of light and comfort. That is why now stained glass inserts are again in great demand.

Stained glass panels make the facade of the house unique

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Painting door leaf alkyd and auto enamel

To change the appearance of the entrance door, you can use enamel painting for exterior work. Usually used alkyd or auto enamel. Alkyd enamels give doors shine, resistant to atmospheric influences, chemical effects, because they include alkyd quality resins that dry quickly and retain their color for a long time.

Alkyd enamels are weathering and chemical resistant

With the help of these colors, having a huge color variety, you can create a unique design look of the door surface by doing the work yourself. For example, using a gold or silver acrylic paint can be achieved spectacular coating, pleasing to the eye.

Door with white enamel

With the help of the patina you can achieve the effect of aging the door, which will resemble the entrance to an ancient castle and create a mysterious look.

Recently, automotive aerosol enamel paints are often used for painting. This coating is reliable and looks solid. With the help of aerosols, you can apply different patterns of stencils made. The rapid dramatic transformation of the door surface made this tool popular in this application.

Often used aerosol automotive enamel paint

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Interior finish

The decoration of the entrance door from the side of the living space should correspond to its style and at the same time not contradict the design from the outside.

The most suitable for interior decoration is coating:

The decoration of the front door from the side of the living space should correspond to his style.

  • plastic vinyl panels;
  • from imitation and genuine leather;
  • using various lumber: boards made of natural wood, MDF, veneer and others.

When installing the input group, you need to decide the question which way will be opened. It is better, if there is enough space outside, to plan the opening of the web outside. This will free up the corridor space and will additionally create an obstacle for hacking.

It is best to schedule opening the door to the outside.

The interior trim options are as many as the outside. But here it is necessary to approach with extreme caution, since the discrepancy of the style and color of the door to the general interior style of the room is immediately apparent. For example, if pastel light tones predominate in the living room and hallway, the entrance structure is also better decorated in white or a suitable color for the hallway shade.

Discrepancy of the style and color of the door to the general interior style is immediately evident

If the decor of the hallway has objects of a different color, you can trim it in the appropriate tone. The combination of a white door surface with interior items indoors against a contrasting wall looks especially expressive.

Contrasts are welcome.

There is no one-to-one design advice for the entrance metal door. Everyone has to decide for himself what style is suitable for the house. It depends on its interior, the location of the house, the front door in it.

Climate regional conditions and possibilities should also be taken into account. But the existing basic conditions imposed on any input group should be taken into account.

Everyone must decide for himself which style is suitable for the house.

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Top 5 trend colors of entrance doors in 2019

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Juicy accent

2 Deep Black and Black Flame

Brutal color

3 Dark jade

Deep noble color


Bold red

5Limon or yellow

Sunny shade

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