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Feel like a great mystifier, creating a black interior. White walls look like a win-win secret weapon: they open rooms of all sizes - small rooms seem large, large rooms seem airy - always look fresh and appropriate. Another advantage: it is easy to choose the decor of the room, because the white color is combined with any other color. However, now you will learn something completely new: it is also easy to work with another color, as well as with white, and this color is its complete opposite.


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  • Should I choose?

    This may not be the color that you immediately go to when choosing a basic shade, but I would like to help you reconsider your view. I understand that this looks much more complicated, but I promise that it is not. Look at these interiors photos to make sure that it is pretty easy to make this color work for you.

    Black color of the walls in the interior

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    Provide plenty of natural light.

    Of course, there are people who choose gloomy grotto-like interiors. But when you need a space that will be lively and friendly - and he will have graphite walls - make sure that it receives a lot of natural light. If your living room or bedroom does not have enough windows, look at the main color.

    Black interior looks spectacular

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    Use a fairly monochromatic color scheme.

    This is not a hard and fast rule to be followed in any way, just consider it your irresistible guideline for a clear modern space. Of course, such a combination is the most classic, elegant option, but a mixture of some other neutral and natural materials also causes a welcoming factor.

    This color goes well with any other

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    Small space? Make only one wall

    If this is your first color experience, as well as if the slightest concern remains, you do not have to make a big bet. Making only one wall will bring expressiveness without the oppressive influence of darkness, it will be a particularly good trick for a small space.

    Since dark colors have the effect of visually approaching a viewing point, an accent wall indoors can produce an effect of lengthening the space. Or, on the contrary, its shortening, if the room has an irregular shape. You can achieve a pleasant contrast by making the rest of the room in bright colors.

    Making only one wall will bring expressiveness without the oppressive influence of darkness.

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    Work with high contrast

    The key to creating coal walls is to ensure that the vast majority of everything else in the room is contrasted. This means choosing a lighter color finish, flooring, molding, accents and even art. This way you will not find yourself in a deep dark cave.

    Although a light color is necessary, leaving the interior in a corresponding black shade will make the look of the room more expressive. Choose decor in ebony and similar shades.

    Black objects in the interior will make the appearance of the room more expressive.

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    Graphite ceiling structures are the most radical design ideas; they create a mysterious atmosphere, an unusual, unexpected visual effect. This is one of the latest trends in interior design, and, according to designers and architects, common prejudices in their regard is one of the biggest misconceptions.

    This ceiling creates a mysterious atmosphere, unusual, unexpected visual effect.

    They differ in style, offering bold solutions for spacious rooms.

    The ceiling can be painted in:

    • pitch color;
    • dark grey;
    • decorated with black and gray wallpaper.

    Black painted wooden beams, added to white or colored ceiling structures, are another modern idea. In combination with black and white wallpaper, the black ceiling creates expressiveness, adding sharp contrasts to the interior.

    Coal paint on the ceiling, wallpaper can emphasize a small area around:

    • ceiling lighting;
    • decorations;
    • unique pendant lights;
    • beautiful chandeliers.

    A bold solution for spacious rooms

    Such a ceiling creates an attractive focus of interior design, can determine the style of the room. Coal ceiling designs are glamorous. Dark colors, especially modern dark gray shades, look very impressive. They should be complemented by bright accents of different colors and call for bright decorations in the interior that will complement the dark colors of the room.

    It is necessary to balance, harmonize modern interior design with a graphite ceiling, floor, wall structures, accessories for furniture and decor.

    Creates an attractive focal point of interior design

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    Finishing the floor and ceiling

    Coal and dark gray tones are elegant and symbolic. They are associated with drama, mystery, respect, luxury, grace and severity. In Japan, black is a symbol of purity, perhaps because it is easy to see dust on dark surfaces. Pitch color, including wallpaper, lighting, room furniture, accessories for decor, is timelessly relevant interior ideas.

    Coal and dark gray tones are elegant and symbolic.

    Impressive color is one of the modern internal trends in decoration. It introduces a splash of dark color into the living space and makes rooms with high ceilings more comfortable, less spacious and bright.

    Such ceiling structures reduce space, absorb light, creating a slightly gloomy, but safe, comfortable interior design. The mood in the room depends on the intensity of the gray color used in the decoration.

    Trendy charcoal tones are suitable for creating an elegant, stylish, refined interior design with stunning dark gray or elegant black ceiling, floor or walls. The architectural elements of dark gray color in combination with bright details look unusual, mysterious, and not depressing and boring.

    The color is suitable for creating elegant, stylish, refined interior design

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    Ceiling and furniture in the living room

    Pitch ceiling structures are a bit risky solution for interior decoration, because dark ceilings visually reduce the height of the interior..

    BoardDark colors attract attention, so when choosing dark tones for the ceiling, it is worth considering their strong, impressive look combined with a glamorous, exclusive message.

    In the interior of the kitchen

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    When searching for a chandelier for your style, you need to consider the nature of the ornament, the degree of expressiveness, shape, size. A modern house may include a chandelier with a fashionable ornament of metal pipes or an interesting spherical shape. If your house has a mixed style, almost any model will be suitable to include it in your room.

    Expressive element in the bedroom

    Black chandeliers attract attention with their expressiveness; due to the bright visual contrast, inlaid with rhinestones or other decorations are more noticeable on them. Whether you love the rustic beauty of wrought iron chandeliers or prefer the glamor of a crystal chandelier, look at the design that suits your taste.

    Such models attract attention with their expressiveness.

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    Wrought iron chandeliers

    The sophisticated wrought iron designs are surprisingly versatile, so they are suitable for a modern, industrial or mixed style. Black chandeliers are the dream of a minimalist, especially next to pure white walls, simplistic decor, and the combination of forged construction with wooden details is a successful combination of rustic charm, natural beauty. Here are a few ideas for installing this decoration in rooms:

    • the lighting in the wrought-iron kitchen will create targeted lighting, as these models can be installed above a specific area;
    • hang the hanging chandelier above the bed or in the living room in the seating area to illuminate the central place.

    Black chandeliers - minimalist dream

    The wrought iron chandelier can be supplied in different designs and degrees of complexity, but it has beauty and complexity with a simple design, especially when combined with various materials.

    Consider a chandelier that includes two or three metal tones - for example:

    • bronze;
    • copper;
    • wrought iron

    Add elements of glass or acrylic, metal, ceramic parts, or even hints of wood.

    Such a model can be supplied in different designs and degrees of complexity.

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    An iron chandelier will open up any space with strong, clean lines. Regardless of the design, it is striking in its simplicity, unusual approach to modern lighting - is both a trend and a classic. Antiquarianism and the patina of time is another effect that can be achieved with the help of metal on the chandelier.

    While clear glass, brushed steel, minimalist silhouettes will create vintage elements. Try a multi-tiered chandelier for an expressive look, or choose lamps with intricately cut crystals and hand-forged curls.

    Regardless of the design, this option is striking in its simplicity.

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    Weave in a bit of twinkling, glitter in the ceiling light with the help of metal lamps decorated with sparkling crystals. These designs are made to direct the power of light in the most glamorous way. Use it for a traditional style with wrought iron or consider a version of a crystal chandelier covered with iridescent glass rhinestones. Prefer a decadent approach to your ceiling lighting? Choose wrought iron chandeliers with crystals cut into prismatic geometric shapes, or fitted with black crystal clusters.

    These designs are made to direct the power of light in the most glamorous way.

    There are many chandeliers in black finish that are suitable for homes with a special style.

    BoardWhen choosing such lamps, pay attention to wrought iron chandeliers with a darker metallic coating or glass chandeliers with black crystals, falling decorative drops.

    For an impersonal Moderna model, but not too heavily embellished with details, you can lean toward choosing bronze or nickel. Many chandeliers in these metals have a concise design, simple but not simplified look.

    Unusual and stylish option

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    With black trim

    Hang the classic iron chandelier, made in country style, for a sophisticated addition to the relaxed atmosphere. Or try a black glass chandelier in combination with artificially aged wooden accents for a simple approach to industrial themes. These dark themes will be combined with solid wood, warped metal with the addition of matte black finish and polished gold frames. Whether you want simplicity or luxury, the black chandelier will always complement your preferred aesthetics.

    In modern style

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    Shades that blend best

    Dark colors for ceiling designs include silvery gray shades, shades from gray to dark gray, shades of gray of graphite and charcoal, stone gray and bluish-gray colors, coal, light gray, all other gray tones.

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    Powerful, elegant black ceiling designs in combination with white or any other light color is an innovative, bold way to create unique interiors in an elegant, creative style. Soft white paint and furniture - a logical, safe way to harmonize, balance modern interior design with a black ceiling or walls. Black and white decorating ideas are suitable for creating bold, original, modern home interiors.

    Elegant option

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    Mirror surfaces

    Glossy design, mirrored ceilings in combination with black - interior trends that create reflections, make rooms spectacular, spacious. The game of light and darkness allows you to experiment with new ideas of the interior, modern materials and creative methods. The mystery of dark colors, unusual solutions bring a zest to the interior design.

    Mirror, black ceilings

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    How to decorate with black furniture?

    Here you take your guests, spend time with friends, family. The living room should be simple, neutral, so that no one feels uncomfortable. This is not an area that needs to be personalized. What color is better than this one? It seems to be the perfect color for furniture. He is elegant, simple, neutral.

    The living room should be simple, neutral so that no one feels uncomfortable.

    However, decorating the living room with black furniture is not such an easy task. Since color is the opposite of white, which symbolizes purity and lighting, you might think that such furniture will make the living room dark and small. This is not necessarily the case, just need to know how to use this color to your advantage.

    First of all, dark furniture is much easier to adapt to your conditions than dark walls. Here you have many ways to bring light into the living room, make it airy, bright.

    For the ceiling, use a light neutral color. Thus, the black furniture will stand out, the room will be airy, bright. Floors should also be light. They should not be the same color as the walls, but still light enough to create a strong contrast with the furniture. You should also try to let in as much natural light as possible. Try not to cover the windows with heavy, dense curtains.

    For the ceiling, use a light neutral color.

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    Add furniture in accordance with the plan you have developed in advance. When black furniture is in place, look around and add bold and colorful accessories. They will add variety and add color to the room. You can use bright pillows, artwork or flowers.

    BoardThe coal sofa is very often chosen as an accent element in the room, it usually has compact forms, sometimes it is the chair or a full-fledged headset.

    Emphasis in the room

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    The tendency to paint the door in this color began about 10 years ago. Since then, it has not reduced its popularity, since it is one of those minor changes that has a huge impact on the interior.

    Look at these photos to see how impressive they look. They have a particularly expressive effect in combination with both dark and light walls, monochrome and wooden floors.

    Black door in the interior

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    Dilute the furniture with lace tulle in the same color. Due to its thin design, it will not interfere with the light, it will perfectly complement the general idea of ​​the room.

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    Black and white living room design

    It is true that black and white decor is used more often for modern kitchens and spa baths than for living rooms. But unlike the bedrooms, where bright or pastel colors usually prevail, creating a dichromatic decor in the living room, setting black and white tones, will be an interesting task.

    Black and white living room design

    This decor will give you a lot of lessons to find sophistication and elegance. He also offers perspectives on accessories. The contrast between black and white makes it easy to accent specific architecture, decorative accents in space. Where a different color goes away depending on the season, trends or tastes, the black and white combination represents a pair that will remain in fashion even for centuries.

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    Deco living room

    The vast majority of modern interiors have a deco lounge inspired by a modern and minimalist style. If your living room is characterized by straight and clean lines, wall furniture and discreet décor, this means that you have already accepted the basic ideas of minimalism.

    Deco style living room

    Black and white decor fits this decorative style! Regardless of the theme of your living room, it will make it more relevant. While black emphasizes the various architectural elements in the room, white gives it a breath of fresh air, making it more spacious.

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    Living room with fireplace

    If you live in an apartment, and there is a fireplace in your living room, be aware that the accessory that dominates the fireplace and the whole place is most often a mirror. This accessory reflects the black and white interior design with greater dynamism and vitality. So, dare to play with forms and originality, as well as to have style and atmosphere!

    Accessory that dominates the fireplace

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    Decor minimalist living room

    Do not forget that in black and white decor for the living room floor plays an important role.

    If you place the carpet on a floor or a mosaic with black and white patterns, the contrast that is being discussed here will be stored on the floor. Contrast is often presented as a set of simple or complex geometric shapes or lines and curves. In any case, the choice will be rich and rich!

    Decor minimalist living room

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    Modern design

    Pillows, paintings, carpet, curtains, the furniture itself can match black and white decorations. Pastel shades or colors can go well with it:

    • Photo;
    • paintings;
    • posters of modern art.

    They will be able to revive the interior. The more the style seems heavy and strict, the more it embodies originality, modernity.

    Black and white living room in modern style

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    Scandinavian living room

    If you need a unique decoration, then decorate your living space in the Scandinavian style. Known for its modern feel, this design will organically take on metallic accents, eye-catching paintings, touches of handicrafts, creating a rustic or modern look. In addition, if you are thinking of placing a black leather sofa in your living room, then emphasize it with bold shades. Placing metal candlesticks on the table will look elegant.

    Scandinavian style

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    This is a bold, versatile choice for a room's color scheme. From the walls to the chic modern decor, the possibilities for a dark bedroom are endless. If you want to darken the design of the bedroom, these ideas will help you.

    The black and white combination is often used for classic modern minimalist design.

    Monochrome palette is a suitable choice for a bedroom, it has always been attractive and relevant. You probably choose a neutral palette to create a modern effect in the room. The black and white combination is often used for the classic modern minimalist design due to the effects it brings.

    White reflects light, can make a room look bigger, and black absorbs light, can make a room smaller. Therefore, the use of these colors will depend on the space you are working on, on the effect you want to achieve.

    Monochrome palette - suitable choice for a bedroom

    Choose the dominant white interior in your bedroom to achieve serenity, or the prevailing black so that it is strong and sharp.

    Here are some inspiration ideas:

    • use black accessories such as a headboard and lamps;
    • use black bedding with white color patterns and other motifs;
    • consider the possibility to make the walls white-white, which will vividly contrast with black pillows, furniture;
    • add coal heavy curtains to the bedroom so that they add expressiveness to the room;
    • expressiveness of the room is also able to give black art on the walls.

    Choose the dominant white interior in your bedroom

    Choose black mohair or faux fur on a bed combined with a pale gray suede or sheepskin rug.

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    Kitchen Ideas

    This is not the first topic that comes to mind when designing a kitchen. Stereotypically it is believed that the kitchen should be white, bright. Look at these kitchen works of art to make sure that this is not the case. Shades of black, dark blue, dark brown add what white kitchens cannot add - seductive charm, smoothness, refinement.

    Kitchen in black

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    Black granite tabletop

    Almost all kitchen items look brilliantly in black, but the tabletop stands out most in this design, which serves as one of the main acting elements in the room. Often it is located alone - on the island or simply occupying a large area. Noble black granite will look elegant in any style.

    Almost all kitchen items look brilliantly in black.

    Add a few minor elements in chrome, wood, matte texture of the table under the granite top, granite benches, black wooden panels on the walls. But having such an open approach means that all your accessories, including knives, glasses, mugs, cutting boards, teapots, cookie jars, etc., should be kept in their places.

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    Black and white scheme

    The monochrome palette works great in both directions, regardless of whether you are using a traditional or modern scheme. The most convenient addition of black for kitchens designers call the black and white scheme. There is a huge amount of kitchen interiors in this spectrum - from classic black granite and laminate to a new wave of graphic patterns, contours and silhouettes in black and white design, suitable for any project.

    The most convenient addition of black for kitchens designers call a black and white scheme.

    BoardIf you are going to apply a black and white scheme, make one shade dominant, and do not give everyone the same value. Predominantly a white scheme has a new appeal, but does not lose sight of the elegance of a dark scheme with hints of white.

    Alternatively, use accessories for a softer finish.

    Monochrome works with all shades of wood, as well as with gray and clear shades, such as emerald green.

    Black and white scheme in the kitchen

    BoardMatching shades of white on different surfaces may become patchy. For example, wallpapers with a white background may look creamy next to a white table, so try to keep them aside, using black accessories as punctuation.

    The monochrome scheme can be done in a bold way and contain different surface textures and different combinations of finishes. Glossy and matte, opaque and dense surfaces line up the layers to add extra interest and soften any sharpness.

    Minimalist style

    Do not be afraid to mix patterns and size - to do this, surround the patterns with simple lines. If you have a place to sit, combine different designs for an informal feeling.

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    Kitchen cabinets, refrigerator and other appliances in black

    Since they cover a large area of ​​your kitchen, cabinets and appliances have a big impact on how the kitchen looks.While the material and style of the door are very important, color is everything.

    One of the most popular modern design trends are dark kitchen cabinets and appliances. While this may seem counterintuitive to the accepted perception that the kitchen should have bright and warm colors, you may be surprised at how well this idea works for most kitchens.

    Cabinets and appliances have a big impact on how the kitchen looks.

    Black cabinets offer a certain saturation and depth that