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Wallpaper in the interior (entrance hall, living room, bedroom, kitchen). From theory to practice + 190 PHOTO


Combining is a simple and effective design technique that allows you to transform any room by embodying your fantasies in an original and stylish interior. By combining materials for walls of different colors, textures and patterns, you can visually adjust the space and divide the room into functional areas. To decide how to glue two species to achieve the desired effect, you should be familiar with the rules and methods of combination.

Content of this article:

  • Combination rules
  • Compatibility Evaluation Criteria
  • Selection rules
  • Combining tasks
  • Combination methods
  • Horizontal combination
  • Vertical stripes
  • Accents and niches
  • The use of two types of wallpaper in different rooms
  • Top 3 fashionable wallpaper combinations in 2019
  • VIDEO: What wallpaper is better and how to glue it
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most beautiful options for interiors with wallpaper
  • Combination rules
  • Compatibility Evaluation Criteria
  • Selection rules
  • Combining tasks
  • Combination methods
  • The use of two types of wallpaper in different rooms
  • Top 3 fashionable wallpaper combinations in 2019
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most beautiful options for interiors with wallpaper
  • Combination rules

    If you are going to glue different wallpapers in one room, you must first familiarize yourself with the rules of the harmonious combination of materials.

    Different wallpapers in the interior

    The discord in the decoration, found after the completion of the repair, is difficult to eliminate and requires additional costs.

    Harmony in the decoration of the walls

    Living in a room with a boring or “screaming” interior adversely affects the mood of the household and can cause a deterioration of health. Proper combination is carried out according to certain rules and should take into account several factors.

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    Compatibility Evaluation Criteria

    When choosing materials for finishing the walls in the room pay attention to the following parameters:

    ColourTo assess the harmonious combination of different shades, you can use the color wheel scheme. An elegant classic interior suggests options for gluing adjacent tones, and for decorating rooms in a shocking pop art style, preference should be given to contrasting colors.

    Use the color wheel layout.

    TextureWhen used for walls of canvases with different textures, it is desirable to select one shade. In this case, the difference in the surface finish of the material will be more noticeable.DecorIn order for the design of the glueing to be harmonious, their decorative design must be combined in color and style. It looks good composition of smooth monophonic and patterned canvases. Combination with vertical and horizontal patterns of bright colors is undesirable, because this decor option is perceived negatively.

    Among the popular options - wall decoration wallpaper in the same color, but different shades. Graded canvas in peach, beige, coral or dark blue colors can be placed both horizontally and vertically.

    Graded horizontal canvases

    Monophonic and with a pattern in the form of wide or narrow stripes are well combined. Such decor visually increases the height of the ceiling and creates the effect of a more spacious room.

    Increasing the height of the ceiling due to vertical stripes

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    Selection rules

    In order to combine harmoniously, it is necessary to observe the following rules:

    1Material for finishing should be the same thickness, otherwise there will be a noticeable difference in the structure and at the joints. Paper sheets are combined with paper, and vinyl - with vinyl. The surface of the walls before pasting level.

    Finishing material must be of the same thickness.

    2 To assess the compatibility, you need to attach the selected samples to each other in natural light.

    Choose wallpaper with natural light

    3Combining canvases of different colors, choose: various versions of shades of cold or warm colors; closely spaced colors or contrasting colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel.

    Cold gamma in the choice of color

    4When buying different colors of wallpaper in the room, choose a material with the same texture and surface finish. Combining matte and glossy canvas is undesirable.

    Combine matte canvas two, three types

    Studying the various options for sticking, you need to decide on the method of finishing the walls and the effect that is supposed to be obtained as a result of the repair of the room.

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    Combining tasks

    The choice of materials for interior transformation depends on the purpose, dimensions and design features of the room. Combination allows:

    Divide the space

    The use of partitions, furniture and screens in a room of a large area for dividing into functional zones requires considerable expenses and leaves a feeling of bulkiness.

    Division of space into functional areas

    To select areas combine different colors, decor or textures. This method clearly defines the boundaries of individual zones, allowing you to maintain the effect of space.

    The boundaries of the individual zones using a combination of

    Hide defects

    Alignment of the walls is laborious work that requires certain skills, time and substantial financial investments. If you combine the two types, you can hide the defects of surfaces and create a unique interior.

    Adjust proportions

    In many apartments with not very good planning, the overall dimensions of the rooms violate the harmony of perception.

    Adjust space using wallpaper

    With the help of pasting the walls with different wallpaper, you can visually change the space and adjust the proportions of the room.

    Wallpapering walls will visually change the space

    For example, the perception of an elongated rectangular room will change if the ends are plastered with dark or bright canvases, and for the side walls to use a finish in pastel colors.

    Pastel colors in the side walls

    To create an interior with an unusual decor, you can combine rich colors with smooth or patterned canvases in soothing shades.

    Canvases calm shades

    This combination draws attention to the selected area and gives the room a unique flavor. As an accent instead of bright canvases often use wallpaper with an interesting image of flowers and landscapes, scenic views of cities or with an abstract pattern.

    Photowall-paper with pastel furnish

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    Combination methods

    To understand how beautiful pokleit, you need to explore different ways of decorating the walls and choose the appropriate option. For decoration use different methods of combining paintings.

    Use a variety of combination techniques for interior decoration.

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    Horizontal combination

    It provides for pasting in the form of two strips with division horizontally at a certain height. For the upper part, cloths with a volume ornament are usually used, and for the lower part - a pattern of vertical strips of different thickness.

    Pasting by wall-paper in the form of two strips with division across

    The colors of the wallpaper can be the same color, but the bottom area should be darker. This will avoid distortion of the proportions in the visual perception of the room.

    Horizontal pasting

    Border separation is made with a border. To estimate how such combined wallpapers look, the photo will help.

    Border separation is made with a border.

    How beautiful to stick with the division horizontally? The main thing - to choose the location of the line that separates different canvases.

    A beautiful combination of pasting wallpaper with a border

    Its height depends on the height of the ceilings in the room and for standard apartments it is 1 m. For low rooms, this type of wall decoration is undesirable, since it can visually reduce the space.

    Choose horizontal separation with high ceilings

    Wallpapers combined with the division of canvases horizontally look harmoniously in spacious living rooms and in classrooms in classic or traditional English style.

    Spacious living room in traditional English style

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    Vertical stripes

    If you are going to glue a beautiful wallpaper of two kinds on the wall, pay attention to the canvases with vertical stripes.

    Such a picture visually increases the height of the ceilings, and the room is perceived as more spacious.

    Drawing visually increasing the height of ceilings

    However, you should not paste wallpaper on all the walls with stripes: the same type of decoration quickly becomes boring, and many small stripes can cause fatigue. Option - a combination of striped decor with matching monochromatic or decorated with inconspicuous paintings.

    Combine striped wallpaper with pattern decoration

    Using vertical combination, you can select functional areas. Deciding how to properly glue wallpaper in a strip on the wall will help the photo: looking through different combinations, it is easy to choose the right finish for yourself.

    Choose the perfect combination of strips in the interior.

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    Accents and niches

    One of the popular techniques in the decoration involves the allocation of one wall with the help of decor. Using wallpaper of bright saturated colors or with an interesting and unusual pattern, create an object that attracts attention.

    Create an eye-catching object with an emphasis on wallpaper.

    The remaining walls are covered with neutral canvases of suitable shades. To understand how the sticking of such wallpaper is carried out, the photo will help.

    Neutral canvases with an emphasis on the main wall

    The layout of some rooms provides for a niche. It can be draped with curtains, closed with a partition or built-in furniture.

    Niche draping with wallpaper

    Another way to disguise niches and various protrusions is to use dark shades with a colorful pattern. It is possible on the contrary, to select non-standard structural elements with the help of bright cloths.

    Dark shades with a colorful pattern

    A patchwork technique is an interesting way to decorate walls. Particularly impressive such decoration in the children's room, in the kitchen in the country style or in the bedroom, decorated under the "Provence".

    A method of decorating walls decorated under "Provence"

    To understand how to combine the wallpaper with each other in these cases, you can view photos of different interiors or find inspiration in the works of craftswomen in the patchwork technique. To create a panel will require pieces of paintings of the same shape.

    Appliances patchwork in the interior

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    The use of two types of wallpaper in different rooms

    How to combine wallpaper of two types in different rooms? To create a harmonious interior, you need to take into account the purpose of the room, its dimensions and design style.

    Consider the size and style for a different room

    Usually the largest room is the living room, which sometimes serves as a dining and recreation area for all family members.

    Bright living room for families

    In some cases, there is a workplace or a place to practice your hobbies. Using vertical separation, you can select functional areas using wallpaper.

    Create a corner for your favorite hobbies

    The bedroom is a place to sleep and relax, so its interior is most often designed in a calm gamut. For the decor of the room they use wallpaper with an unobtrusive pattern in pastel colors or combine monochromatic canvases with a bright accent on one of the walls in the form of an image or a color spot.

    Calm gamma in the bedroom

    The kitchen is a room with special conditions. High humidity and temperature adversely affect the finishing materials, besides there is a high probability of contamination.

    Pasting the walls with combined wallpaper in the kitchen

    Therefore, choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, you need to pay attention not only to the decor, but also to the properties of paintings.

    Choose moisture resistant fabrics in the kitchen

    They should not fade and crumble. In some cases, you can combine ordinary and washable wallpaper for different walls. The color range of finishes is selected taking into account the furniture and style of the room.

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    Top 3 fashionable wallpaper combinations in 2019

    1 Combining several shades of the same color.

    Similar shades

    2Combination of monophonic canvases with a pattern.

    Drawings on the wallpaper

    3 A combination of different textures.

    Different wallpaper textures

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