Electric Fireplace with the effect of a living flame: Wall, Built-in, Outdoor. Which model to prefer? (230+ Photos)


Electric fireplace with the effect of the flame - a synonym for beauty, comfort, warmth. During his work, a slight crackling of the logs is heard, the iridescent fire is visible. All this causes positive emotions. After all, live fire is a rare phenomenon that you can watch endlessly. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

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  • Why is the choice in favor of decorative fireplaces so obvious?
  • Types of electric fireplaces
  • Principle of operation
  • Choosing a fireplace
  • Electric for a living room in a classic style
  • Country Style Living Room
  • Style "Avangard"
  • Living room in the style of "Art Deco"
  • Baroque style - butler-chic of times of Louis XIV
  • High-tech style
  • How to make a portal for the fireplace?
  • findings
  • VIDEO: Everything about the use of electric fireplaces
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 230 photos)
  • Why is the choice in favor of decorative fireplaces so obvious?
  • Types of electric fireplaces
  • Principle of operation
  • Choosing a fireplace
  • How to make a portal for the fireplace?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 230 photos)
  • Why is the choice in favor of decorative fireplaces so obvious?

    Only relatively recently, owners of private houses could experience all the positive emotions that come from the effect of open fire. Since only they could build natural fireplaces, framed in beautiful portals of marble, sandstone and other materials. And there are several reasons for this:

    • small dimensions of the premises;
    • harsh fire safety regulations;
    • all fireplaces need a chimney that cannot be built in apartments.

    Electric fireplace in the living room interior

    But for apartment owners there was an alternative - an electric fireplace with a flame effect.

    Visually, it is very similar to the natural focus. There is a fire chamber, a fire is burning, the room in which it is installed is heated, coals and logs shimmer in colors in the fire chamber, crackling sounds are heard in the fir tree. But if you look closer, it becomes clear that this is not natural.

    The logs are made of plastic, the sound is reproduced, a beautiful color transfusion is simulated with the help of a backlight.

    The flame, depending on the model, is projected onto the screen, the room is heated with a conventional heat fan.

    But, despite this, he will create a comfortable atmosphere in the room and will cause the same emotions that you get when you see a natural flame. Fireplace with the effect of the flame will decorate any interior. Such confidence in this appears when you look at all the variety of models on the market.

    Decoration of any interior

    Features of electric fireplace
    • safe. All parts of the firebox are securely protected and are in a robust case that does not pass current;
    • a variety of models in style, shape and size makes it possible to install them in any room;
    • relatively low price. Electric analogues do not need a chimney, the construction of a full-fledged portal, so the cost is much less;
    • built-in thermostat and stove. Due to the heater and thermostat, the room in which the hearth is installed is heated;
    • the sound effects of crackling firewood, hiss make it possible to feel all the emotions from the sounds.

    Safe and stylish choice

    All these factors speak in favor of electric fireplaces with a flame effect. Their stores offer a wide range of models.

    They all have their own characteristics:
    • different sizes;
    • feature set;
    • flame imaging technology.
    BoardElectrofireplaces can be bought with sound effects, heater. All these functions will make the hearth more realistic! Return to menu ↑ Return to menu ↑

    Types of electric fireplaces

    Famous manufacturers of electric fireplaces "threw" the power to develop and create beautiful models that are able to fit harmoniously into absolutely any interior. Depending on the types, electric fireplaces with a flame effect can be divided into several types.

    By installation method:
    Separate designs. These products do not require special framing. They are somewhat similar to stoves. These compact and mobile installations can be located anywhere in the apartment where there is access to a power source. Manufacturers offer a wide selection with closed or open heaters, the presence of different functions.

    Mobile design will add extraordinary style to your living room.

    Fireplaces that resemble a fire. Models do not have a back wall, they are installed in the middle of the room and they can be viewed from different sides. Angular electric fires are suitable for any interior. They save space and allow designers to use different stylistic solutions. For finishing the fireplace insert, materials are used: stone, metal, wood, DPS or MDF, glass. Suspended electric fire - models will look beautiful in a large living room area. They have an original design: glossy edging or a frame made of steel.

    Hanging fireplace, unusual and cozy

    Double-sided electric fire - can be used as the boundary between two functional areas of the living room (for example, between a recreation area and a dining room). Such models are used in larger apartments or when rooms are combined during the renovation. The built-in electric fireplaces look especially stylish and modern. They can even be used as lighting fixtures. A large selection of such models offers brand Dimplex. You can buy firebox of different width, length, height.

    Recessed design looks particularly modern and stylish.

    Island electric fireplaces are the most beautiful and spectacular. They are suitable for installation in large living rooms, bedrooms, where the division into zones. You can approach and admire the flame effect on the island fireplace from three sides. Most of these models have a sound effect.
    Depending on the characteristics, they are divided:
    • products in which coal is the main decorative element and the flame passes among it. The effect of smoldering a large number of coals;
    • logs of different sizes create the effect of fullness of the firebox;
    • as the main element of the furnace are used small stones.

    Small and elegant

    By size electrofireplaces are:
    • standard - 520x620hh240 mm;
    • wide - up to 1000 mm;
    • extra wide - up to 2500 mm.

    All these products differ in technical data. Some have the opportunity to work as a normal fireplace, heating the room in which they stand. Others are deprived of this functionality, but equipped with flame adjustment modes:

    • smoldering;
    • small fire;
    • flame.

    There are electric fireplaces that completely resemble a fire.. Of course, the cost depends on the capabilities of the product.

    It gives warmth to the room

    Some manufacturers of electric fireplaces offer to make fireboxes in the sizes necessary for the customer. The cost will be higher than the serial models! Return to menu ↑ Return to menu ↑

    Principle of operation

    To fully understand this, you first need to understand what it consists of. All embedded products consist of two elements:

    • portal;
    • hearth.

    Portal is the outer frame of the product, the hearth - the firebox, where logs or coals are located, depending on the design decision.

    The focus may be:
    • built-in;
    • replaceable.

    The first version of the models have a certain size, which is provided in the portals. To install these structures, it is enough to insert them into the portal and connect them to the power grid. Due to their characteristics, replaceable fireboxes need special framing. It can be ordered separately for a fireplace or made independently, using materials suitable for these works.

    For cozy family evenings

    Looking at the effect of the flame, many people wonder how manufacturers managed to achieve such a similarity with natural fire? Everything is quite simple.

    In the creation of fireplaces used several ways:
    1In the firebox, instead of coal or firewood, ordinary plastic is used, painted in different colors, from black to red, orange. Thin scraps of matter are attached to it, most often, they use light silk. An ordinary incandescent lamp and a fan are installed at the bottom of this structure. After switching on, the incandescent lamp begins to illuminate the imitation of coal or firewood, creating the effect of hot coals. The fan accelerates the pieces of matter in different directions. This technology is used in budget models and most modern fireplaces already work differently. But, even these options look very good.

    Creates a fire imitation

    2Analogous model, but slightly improved. At the bottom is a rotating reflector, which gives a more realistic picture. The rest of the design and principle of operation is similar to the previous version. The modern models work in a completely different way. Fire imitation is achieved through the projection of glare on a cloud of water vapor and the use of LED backlighting. Built-in speakers give the sound of cracking firewood. The built-in heating elements and a fan that expels warm air from the device are responsible for the heating function. Thermostat monitors the temperature in the room. Modern models can have both built-in controls and remote controls.

    Modern models are controlled by remote control.

    4Good effect give 3D and 5D fireplaces. Their work is based on the use of a liquid crystal matrix, which reproduces a picture loaded into the memory of the device. To give the fire volume, manufacturers use a technique that is used by illusionists - "Pepper's Ghost". In the firebox, at a particular angle, a translucent mirror is placed, and behind it are glowing logs with built-in LEDs, which cyclically fade out and then flare up. This effect is combined with video of fire and sparks. It is projected onto the screen, creating a realistic picture. Return to the menu Return to the menu

    Choosing a fireplace

    Properly selected electric fireplace by its:

    • form;
    • finishing;
    • size;

    will become an original decoration and addition to interior design. Products also differ in a set of functions, for example, in some speakers are built in, through which the sound of crackling logs is reproduced. Others have a control panel and the ability to adjust the intensity of the fire, as well as a fan heater.

    It will become an original decoration and addition to interior design.

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    Electric for a living room in a classic style

    Many owners want to have a fireplace in their living room, because it is associated with warmth and comfort. This goal is achievable, you only need to properly create a living room design with a fireplace. And then he will fill with beauty and comfort any room.

    Rules of choice for the classic style
    • The hearth must fit into the overall design solution. For a classic-style living room, it is best to find a fireplace with a traditional portal without unnecessary parts made of stone, glass, plastic.
    • In the interior, the home is the dominant, so all the rest of the furniture should emphasize the beauty of the electrical appliance. He must be in the general style of the room.
    • In the immediate vicinity of it should be located chairs, sofas. Such a composition will create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the room, it will have a friendly conversation over a cup of hot tea.
    • You can reveal all the charm of the fireplace with the help of decorative elements. Surround it with statues, figurines, or even other decor.

    Furniture must emphasize the beauty of the electrical appliance.

    Designers recommend choosing furniture and a fireplace in the living room at the same time or taking into account the overall style. Otherwise, you risk turning the room into a room where all the details are autonomous and do not create integrity.

    Compact fireplace in a small room

    Room Design Recommendations

    Before you make a fireplace in the living room, you need to consider one important aspect - the color scheme of the room should not be too dark. It will look more spectacular in a bright room. In the desire to decorate the space around the fireplace the main thing is not to overdo it.

    No need to hang a lot of shelves and fill them with souvenirs, figurines.

    It is better if it is one and represents one with the portal. Above it is possible to place a beautiful picture or a family portrait, a mirror in a frame will also look elegantly.

    Looks spectacular in a bright room

    It is necessary to pay attention to the creation of a visual increase in space. Therefore, if the room has a small area, it is better not to use portals from massive materials that will visually look cumbersome. It is better if this portal is made of natural stone of light tones or drywall, painted in bed shades.

    To increase the visual space you need to make vertical accents. It can be a variety of light materials, mirrors, columns.

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    Country Style Living Room

    Design in the style of "Country" - one of the most popular design solutions:
    • "Country" style is associated with comfort. When creating a room in this style, light and bed colors are used. Preference in materials is given to the tree;
    • complete lack of glamor and excessive pathos. In such a living room it will be pleasant to spend your free time, as it is filled with a comfortable atmosphere due to the use of only natural materials;
    • The electric fireplace in the “Country” style does not need to be played to fit it harmoniously into the general style of the room - it is an integral part of it.

    Country style

    Style "Country" is better to use for large area living rooms. For small rooms suitable electric fireplace, made in the form of (stoves), which does not require further framing. It can be placed in any part of the room, next to put a cozy sofa or chairs.

    Country style is best used for large rooms.

    The corner electrofireplace which framing will be made of two materials will look beautifully: natural stone and wood. And the wood will be located only in the upper part of the portal and on its sides. A fireplace made of natural stone, made of crushed sandstone, warm textured shell rock or dolomite, will take you to the 19th century France.

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    Style "Avangard"

    This style is suitable for those who love experiments and are not afraid of bright accents. In creating a unique interior living room using an electric fireplace, you can apply the most unexpected and bright colors, shades, design solutions.

    Dimensions for the style of "avant-garde" - the main feature.

    When implementing design solutions, stylists rarely use small details in the design, preferring large, angular forms more.

    In the style of avant-garde, you can use bright frames for the fireplace

    Fireplaces with various frames are offered on the modern market - these can be products in which the width will significantly exceed the height or models in the form of a triangle. They emphasize the individuality and style of the room, give coziness and comfort. Directly in the vicinity of it, you can set a glass table with beautiful bright chairs, sofas.

    Do not require excessive decoration

    Electrofireplaces do not require excessive decoration: location near mirrors, statues or other things that complement the overall style. Here, the fireplace itself and its portal are a single composition that will emphasize all the beauty of the room and style.

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    Living room in the style of "Art Deco"

    The Art Deco style is a combination of many art trends. All of them harmoniously intertwined, forming avant-garde simplicity and exotic originality. No smooth lines, patterns - only sharpness, angularity, geometry and abstraction.

    Among the popular materials worth highlighting:
    • strong glass;
    • gloss tile or stone tile;
    • varnished surfaces;
    • aluminum;
    • marble;
    • wood, including inlaid.

    The style is inherent in products in neutral colors.

    Regarding the color range, we can say that the style has neutral tones - this is:
    • the black;
    • white;
    • silver;
    • metal color;
    • gold

    All these features of the style in no way affect the abundance of suitable models. On the contrary, to choose a fireplace and a portal in this style will be much easier. You can pay attention to the model of the company Dimplex, Electrolux. As a frame, you can use the portals, made in the corner and frontal version, made of marble or laminated chipboard. To make the interior more unique, you can pay attention to the portals, which have a special stand made of durable glass TV.

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    Baroque style - butler-chic of times of Louis XIV

    Spectacular, rich materials, refined forms - all this characterizes the style of "Baroque".

    However, it is necessary to use this style in the interior very carefully, since it is very easy to overload it and make the room visually heavy.


    To purchase a fireplace and select a portal for him should be very careful, taking into account all the features:
    • the portal must have large and curvaceous forms;
    • the frame should have a decoration, carved decor;
    • the portal, in addition to large decor, must have many small details;
    • Often, portals are supplemented by another additional element - the decorative part above the firebox, which is made from the same material as the framing itself.

    Will be the main focus in the room

    A fireplace in the living room in this style will create a main accent in the room. Therefore, designers want to make the fireplace very beautiful and well decorated. You can pay attention to the products of both frontal and angular views. The latter will occupy less space in the living room, but this does not mean that they will attract less attention.

    It will be interesting to you:

    How to make a fireplace out of cardboard with your own hands (90+ Photos): Step-by-step instructions of master classes

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    High-tech style

    In its pure form, this style is rarely found in living rooms. Since it cannot be called the warmest, coziest because of the use of parts made of chrome and metal in the design. Many designers in the design of apartments it is diluted with the style of "Minimalism", receiving a combination that creates a non-standard design solution.

    Will give a strict interior a little warmth.

    The find will be the model Dimplex Silverton, Burbank. The 5D image will create a beautiful semblance of burning fire. Fireplaces of these brands will fill the house with warmth, comfort.

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    How to make a portal for the fireplace?

    A variety of fireplaces, portals in the store - the ability to choose a suitable style for the requirements of the model. However, the price of such a kit will be high. Not many people can buy a portal from natural marble or stone for $ 700 or $ 1,000, so they are looking for an alternative - to make a portal for a fireplace with the help of building materials that are sold in stores. This is an opportunity to save and execute the portal in the design style you need.

    Metal Portal

    If you put a little work, use the fantasy, you can make a portal for the fireplace in just a few days.

    However, to begin this work you will need:
    • You need exact dimensions: height, width, depth, as far as parts of the firebox will be hidden behind the cladding.
    • If you are only planning to make repairs, then this question is not so much global, since everything else can be “tailored” to the general style of the room. If the fireplace is installed in a renovated room, then its style should coincide with it.
    • If the room is just being repaired, then you need to connect the electric furnace to the network. It must be invisible to the eyes and be directly accessible.
    • Select materials to frame. Consider not only the price, but also the quality, durability, practicality.
    • To make the portal you need to draw a sketch of the future fireplace. This will help not to be mistaken in size, miscalculations, as well as visually assess the beauty of the building, add or remove some elements.
    The electrofireplace with a portal is the main accent indoors, they define its general stylistics!

    The choice of portal determines the style of your interior.

    Fireplace materials

    Stone frame

    During operation, its body does not heat up much, so any materials can be used for the portal without special requirements for strength and fire safety. However, the most commonly used materials are:

    • Drywall is the easiest, cheapest material. You can use moisture resistant or normal drywall. Calculate the sizes of sheets and fragments that will be cut. This will help to choose the correct length of plasterboard sheets;
    • wood is a beautiful, expensive material. The variety of rocks that can be used in the construction of the portal, will provide an opportunity to choose the most suitable wood to the overall style;
    • Fiberboard and particleboard - affordable, universal canvases of pressed wood;
    • polyurethane molding;
    • stone - it can be sandstone, granite.

    Flame custom color

    We begin independent installation of an electrofireplace

    Not all materials can be used by people in home construction, since the processing of some is complex and requires skill. Therefore, it is better to build a fireplace from materials that are easy to cut, grind, process. But there is another way - to order in the store cutting of parts for facing the portal.

    Option for a small living room

    Need to make a pedestal for the portal. For this, it is better to take MDF with a protective laminated layer and cut it to the desired size. It is worth noting that this can even be done in the store where you buy building materials. The choice in favor of this building material is not accidental.

    MDF laminated has excellent characteristics. It is resistant to high temperatures and is not damaged by moisture. Another option could be the usual tabletop, which is sold in building supermarkets. It has the desired thickness, it is possible to choose any color that will suit you most under the overall atmosphere of the room.

    For the wall fireplace, the base should be rectangular, and for the corner - five-pointed. The base should be slightly larger in area than the portal itself.

    Fireplace as an alternative to TV

    To slightly raise your fireplace to the hill, you can put a profile of the same size under the countertop, which you need to fasten securely with the floor and the countertop. Its edges and lumen can then be closed with a plastic baseboard, the color of which will coincide with the table top.


    The best material for the manufacture of an electric fireplace frame is drywall. Besides the fact that it has a low price, hisboard cardboard can be cut quite easily, it is not affected by temperature drops and humidity.

    Interesting design of a small model

    Production must begin with the installation of the frame for the hearth. To do this you need two types of profile: rack - 50 * 50 mm and guide 50 * 40 mm. For the installation of the profile will need screws with a small length of 11 to 13 mm.

    To get started, prepare a tool:
    • scissors for metal. You can choose any: right-sided, left-sided or straight;
    • Phillips screwdriver, screwdriver;
    • need a hammer for 2 or 3 kg;
    • clerical knife;
    • building level. It is better to take 1.5 meters and be sure of metal, since thin aluminum levels do not show exactly.

    Getting to the frame. Now we are analyzing an example of how to make a wall fireplace. On the wall draw a pencil marking the fireplace. It must correspond exactly to the drawings that were constructed.

    Just nothing extra

    Be sure to repeatedly check the correctness of the drawings and explore all the level. After all, the curve of the hearth will not look the best way!

    Then the same markup must be made on the basis of the fireplace. Also check everything carefully, measure it. Then proceed to the installation of the profile 50 * 40 on the markup. After mounting you should have a parallelepiped. For this work, you will need dowel-nails and screws on wood. Then you need to fasten all the components of construction bugs.

    Following the safety precautions, you need to lay a non-combustible material, you can special heat-resistant mineral wool, between the back wall of the fireplace and the wall.

    Elegant classics

    After this stage of work, it is required to proceed to one of the most important stages - strengthening the structure. Since the main load will occur only in the part where the electric fireplace will stand, you need to take a 50 * 50 profile and insert it across with an interval of 25 cm. Then the inside of the frame is made, taking into account the dimensions of the electric fireplace.

    Making a frame for the chimney

    This stage of the work can be skipped if the fake-chimney arrangement is not provided. If you want to make your hearth more realistic, similar to natural, then you need to make a frame for the chimney. It may have a different shape, but, as a rule, it is made similar to a triangle - at the base of the fireplace it is wide, the closer to the ceiling the chimney narrows. But you can perform a light chimney - rectangular.

    Stylish chimney version

    To make it you need a profile of 100 * 40 and 100 * 50 mm. Choosing a more dimensional profile, you remove the need for the construction of complex con