Rugs, puzzles for children - Soft floor: developing with comfort (145+ Photos)


Young parents often buy foam mats for their children for any occasion. The popularity of coatings is associated with their quality, convenience, decorative. Before purchasing a product, you need to deal with its varieties, differences in models. This will help buy a safe and comfortable cover for the child. The details of the rug should be bright, interesting, repelling dirt, easy to clean. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Manufacturing technology
  • Properties rugs
  • Product Functions
  • Variants of games
  • Soft Coating Assortment
  • Terms of design selection
  • Unique models
  • Choosing a soft floor for a child's room
  • Rules for the purchase of suitable plates
  • Styling Features
  • How to care for soft floor?
  • VIDEO: Options for soft floor in the nursery
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 145 photos)
  • Manufacturing technology
  • Properties rugs
  • Choosing a soft floor for a child's room
  • Rules for the purchase of suitable plates
  • Styling Features
  • How to care for soft floor?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 145 photos)
  • Manufacturing technology

    It is more difficult for a nursery to choose a carpet that corresponds to the declared functions. Synthetics are quickly polluted, not always suitable for environmental parameters, and natural pile can not always be cleaned.

    The rug a puzzle will become the worthy choice for the child

    Popular, modern product are mats, puzzles (soft floor), the features of which we consider in our material.

    The size of each module can be 25-100 cm, and in the same set different puzzles are sold or the same in form and parameters of the product. The base of each mat is rubberized material, and the outer part is as follows:

    • Foamed polymer of the same color or with patterns.
    • Material with a heterogeneous structure with orthopedic effect.
    • Covering with the effect of "memory", where for a time there are prints of children's footprints.
    • Puzzles with pile of different lengths.

    It has many advantages for the development of the child.

    Separate elements easily develop in a game form when the kid collects soft elements in a certain sequence. Fixation is made by the system "thorn-groove", where the protruding parts of the lock of one module are included in the notches of the adjacent part.

    The assembled mat looks like a solid canvas, where there are no gaps and gaps between the models, which eliminates the ingress of contaminants and simplifies the cleaning of the coating. Tiles of ethylene vinyl acetate are connected by a dovetail grip. Such a connection is more reliable than PVC, provide a tenacious and durable connection modules.
    Soft floor is suitable for:
    • children's bedroom;
    • game room;
    • platforms;
    • sports section (more dense coverage is applied).
    Even for a bedroom and an adult room, there is a place for a soft carpet, since the top layer can be made under tile, stone or wood. The result is a warm, soft, durable coating.

    The size of each module can be 25-100 cm.

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    Properties rugs

    Ancestors of soft flooring were simple puzzles, on the principle of which separate modules were released. They are then collected in a solid canvas. The main material for coatings is the innovative analogue of EVA rubber.

    EVA is ethylene vinyl acetate, is a foamed polymer (porous and light substance). As a result, soft mats get the following properties:

    • Tensile strength, wear resistance, the material does not wear out, does not deform and does not fade under the action of ultraviolet radiation, retaining the original appearance.
    • Base alignment. Thick mats can be laid on not very flat floors.
    • Design opportunities. The sizes of the tiles in the same set are the same, but differ in the color range. This opens up great opportunities for combining different squares, creating an author's ornament.

    Separate elements easily develop in a game form

    • Elasticity, ability to depreciation. Injury is prevented, since the thickness of the rug is 5-18 mm, which allows you to soften any blows to the floor.
    • Environmentally friendly, the absence of harmful, volatile substances. Allergic reactions and health disorders of children do not occur.
    • Moisture resistance. Rugs are not afraid of spilled liquid, do not absorb moisture, even suitable for the bathroom. They are easily removed paint, clay.
    • Hygiene. Bacteria and microorganisms do not breed in the material; mammals and insects do not bite it.
    • Durability.
    • Lack of odors. There is no unpleasant smell in the plates, and when connecting individual parts, no glue or other chemicals are used.
    • Soundproofing. During noisy games, neighbors will hear minimal sounds.
    • Anti-slip effect provide special protrusions and notches.

    EVA is ethylene vinyl acetate, is a foamed polymer

    • High heat insulation (the coefficient is equal to the indicators of high-quality heat-insulating raw materials). The baby will be warm in any period.
    • Convenient installation. Even a child can assemble a construction. It does not require special tools or materials. In case of breakage of individual tiles, they can be replaced by similar ones, without the use of complex work. If the mat gets tired, then it can be folded in a closet or closet.
    In comparison with the standard carpet, soft floors perform the tasks of an exciting puzzle, can be folded, unfolded, adjusted in size.
    The carpet can be cleaned with a simple vacuum cleaner, to carry out wet cleaning with detergents. Periodically puzzles can be thoroughly cleaned with a soft brush or washed in a dishwasher at a temperature of 50 degrees. They are easily cleaned from gouaches, plasticine, watercolor paints, clay, glue, and other products of children's creativity.

    Has elasticity, ability to depreciation

    The material does not accumulate static electricity, so it does not attract dirt, dust.

    Tiles with voluminous shapes have a massage effect. They allow you to get rid of flat feet, improve the blood supply to the legs and bring comfort to the baby when moving.

    EVA has many advantages. In order not to purchase a fake, the seller must request a certificate of product quality. It is a foamed copolymer of vinyl acetate and ethylene, very elastic, insulating, protective and with shock-absorbing properties. It is safe for the environment and humans. Return to the menu ↑

    Product Functions

    These products have several functions. The main one is the game. That is, the baby can play on the cover itself or assemble the plates in an arbitrary sequence, add spatial figures from them.

    They promote development. With the help of various plots, the scope for studying certain topics is expanded, depending on the age of the child. Large blocks can contribute to the development of motor skills, balance, coordination, imagination, dexterity, geometric association, sense of color.

    Bright puzzles will be an excellent complement to the interior of the children's room. And if you choose blocks with a massage effect, then the blood supply to the legs will improve, prevention of flatfoot will be carried out.

    Joy for a child

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    Variants of games

    In addition to decorating the room, the flooring becomes the subject of a developing, fascinating game. After unpacking the goods, we create a large carpet out of it. The child perceives such a game with enthusiasm, gets a new place for holding games. But it is fashionable to use it for other purposes:

    • To study objects, shapes, numbers and letters. The product with the image of numbers, letters will serve as a comfortable insulating material, as well as an interesting visual material for familiarizing the younger child with numbers and geometric shapes. Training will be fun and affordable. Models with frame inserts are available. Each square has figures that can be pulled out and re-inserted.

    Bright puzzles will be an excellent complement to the interior of the children's room.

    • Multicolored walkway. To stimulate a child to crawl, an interesting idea would be to build a colorful walkway that runs from one room to another. On its surface, you can put different toys, including balls, rattles.
    • Collecting cubes. You can put together six or more parts, create a spacious box for laying soft toys. The construction will not be stable enough, but children will be able to destroy it in order to check the internal contents.
    • Game "classics". Older children can play the classics from the elements of the soft floor. For example, you can jump from a certain animal or puzzles of a selected color. Only the game must be installed on a non-slip base.
    Soft puzzles can be used not only to build a large carpet. They open up many opportunities for children, providing a basis for games, stimulating their feelings, helping them to play, crawl, learn shapes, shades, alphabet, numbers. Product design is characterized by a variety of shapes and shades that can be created with the child.

    Developing an exciting game

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    Soft Coating Assortment

    A variety of outdoor puzzles is amazing. Among the big range there are products for school students, babies and teenagers. Interesting textures, bright colors and small details attract the attention of children, contribute to the development of fine motor skills and form perception. Every kid will love to put on the soft mat any image.

    The following options are available:
    • Rugs for a nursery. Their main goal is the safety of children, floor insulation and a place to play. The coating should have a greater thickness of 10-18 mm. This option is suitable for children of different ages as an alternative to standard carpets.
    • The massage floor is represented by soft puzzles with different types of textures (notches, grooves, bumps of various shapes, a combination of soft and hard sections). The coating will help in the prevention of flatfoot, the development of the muscular-ligamentous apparatus.

    A variety of outdoor puzzles are amazing.

    • For children under the age of one year, small rugs from several large puzzles are used. These are hypoallergenic dense products with a soft surface that protect babies from the appearance of bruises and abrasions during crawling. Rugs should have a bright color, complete with additional details for the construction of the sides. This will prevent children from crawling out of the play area.
    • Variants with numbers, letters of the English or Russian alphabet. The choice of soft floor is made according to the age of the baby and the design of the room. This approach will allow dividing the base into separate fields, combining sets of different series. You can choose the floor, depicting road signs, geographical maps with countries and cities. Kids can easily remember the images with letters, words and numbers. With the development and determination of speech skills in children, a developed thinking is formed, which is achieved with a fun game.
    • Educational and educational puzzles from soft EVA for children over two years old. In the role of elements can be geometric shapes, the outlines of animals, letters or numbers. The child must insert them into the appropriate holes, partially or completely collecting the carpet. This allows you to develop visual perception on the principle of learning special cards and photos. Children will be able to view the drawings, feel the three-dimensional shapes.
    • Rubber carpet of large parts. Suitable for the gym. The main raw material is rubber crumb from recycled tires, so the floors are not suitable for a children's bedroom.

    On sale can be products with volumetric details (flower stalks, legs for a table), the options developing in a rocking chair for driving.

    You can play with soft puzzles in different ways:
    • collect carpet;
    • build cubes;
    • tunnels;
    • roads;
    • locks;
    • houses.

    Games are suitable for any child, will help in the development of associative skills, fine motor skills, perception of form and color.

    For older children, an important role is played by floor insulation. It can become a substitute for carpet, protecting from low temperatures and not accumulating dust and pollution on the surface. There are models with a thickness of 0.5-1 cm.

    Allows you to develop visual perception

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    Terms of design selection

    Buying suitable, high-quality coatings, pay attention to the following parameters:
    • Insulating properties. High insulation performance protects against cold flooring.
    • Mat thickness. The greater the thickness of the material, the more comfortable and softer it will be. For a child, it is better to select products with a minimum thickness of 16 mm.
    • The size. To mate served longer, it is better to buy large sizes. This will allow the child to crawl on it, play. This coating can be used to decorate the room. You should first measure the area of ​​its localization.
    • Workmanship. Each element should be well suited to the other, so that the final finish is beautiful, smooth, soft. Purchased goods of famous brands will last a long time, retain the original properties, functions, dimensions.
    • Pattern. In addition to thermal insulation, mat with patterns will teach and attract children, fulfilling an educational, entertaining role. The theme of the image is chosen in accordance with the interests, the age of the children.

    High insulation performance protects against cold flooring

    You need to carefully buy cheap products, as it is often of poor quality, it may consist of harmful substances that cause rashes, irritating the skin of the child, causing allergies.

    It is known that children get acquainted with the world through their own feelings, they strive to taste even the puzzle details. Therefore, we must be careful to buy models without small particles that cannot be bitten off.

    Also not suitable mats with an irritating odor. A safe option would be products with quality certificates.

    Some materials may contain formamide, giving them softness. But the substance is toxic, so it can not be used in the production of children's products. Formamide is classified as a toxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic component. The rugs made of it have an unpleasant, strong, toxic smell.

    First, a ban on the sale of products from formamide was introduced by Belgium, after which France joined it. From 2014, all countries should have banned sales of products from this component, but products can still be found on the market. Therefore, you need to carefully check that we acquire.

    To mat last longer, it is better to buy large sizes

    Some manufacturers of soft puzzles in the attached instructions for information about the safe composition. Not all products are dangerous. On the market there are carpets made of EVA, which has no odor and toxic properties. It looks like a cheaper equivalent, so you need to check the labeling.

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    Unique models

    On sale there is a large selection of models of foreign and Russian manufacturers. It is necessary to carefully consider Chinese-made products without quality certificates, the safety of which has not been proven.

    Now consider several models of popular brands. In many products the side length of each element is 30 cm. The most popular sets of numbers, letters, used as a textbook for familiarization with the account, the alphabet.

    Each element should fit well with the other.

    • Fisher Price. The product of this brand is very popular. The set includes 6 elements, the dimensions are 150 * 115 cm, but the elements can be combined with another set of the same brand. These are strong, dense and pleasant to the touch surfaces, colorful and beautiful. They can be used at home, on a picnic, in the garden. The thickness of each part is equal to 1.5 cm. The average cost of products Fisher Price size of 20 * 90 cm is 1100 rubles.
    • Baby ono. Like other reliable manufacturers, products of this brand are made of EVA, do not contain harmful compounds (formamide, 2-phenyl-2-propanol, acetophenone, etc.).
    • Skip hop. This is a convenient and large mat that is suitable for playing, first steps or crawling a child. It is made of EVA, well absorbs shocks if the baby falls. The innovative material does not emit unpleasant and sharp odors, does not contain biphenol A, formamide and phthalates. Individual parts can be freely completed, selected by shades, connecting imagination and exploring the properties of figures. You can create original geometric ornaments (diamonds, squares and circles) from different elements. If necessary, collect some parts, reducing the size of the surface or making up several litters.

    A safe option would be products with quality certificates.

    Model interior decoration in the nursery, suitable for babies over the age of 10 months.The cost of elements of 1.4 * 1.0 m starts from 5 thousand rubles.
    • Products of this brand is safe and convenient for children's entertainment, made of EVA. When assembled, it forms a circle, includes 23 parts. An older child can complete the puzzle by himself. This product has an interesting shape, strikes with unique colors and is easily kept clean.
    • Products develop a psychomotor children, stimulate touch, imagination, activate the sensory receptors of the sole of the foot. This is an unusual puzzle, from the elements you can perform a variety of figures (motorcycle, horse, car, glade with various flowers). The design is light and stable, but its cost will not be cheap. The main raw material is an ultra-light EVA that does not emit harmful substances. All Tessel products undergo strict safety and quality controls for America (CPSC, ASTM-F963) and the European market (EN-71). Products have the award "Kind + Jugend Innovation Award 2008", received at the world's largest exhibition among toy manufacturers in the German city of Cologne.
    • Mały Genius. Produced goods "Little Genius" in the Czech Republic. They have all the necessary certificates, they are especially designed for people with allergies. These are excellent European products with a high level of safety, tested in accordance with current safety standards EN-71. Assembled mat is easy to clean, washed with water. The complete set includes the detailed instructions opening all possibilities of operation of a soft floor.

    Soft pillow option

    Also known models are brands Flexico, Rosman, Jeanette etc. They are different variants of the image (road signs, cars, the underwater or animal world, berries with fruits, fabulous or animated characters, world atlas).

    For crawling, coverings may be offered separately for girls and boys. But there are unisex rugs. In order for the baby to learn the alphabet independently, there are many variants of the present alphabet. Gradually, he will collect the letters in the correct sequence.

    If you need orthopedic models, you should choose Ortopazl. The kit includes various parts (pebbles, tough grass, cones) made from natural raw materials.

    Children will be able to perceive colors better.

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    Choosing a soft floor for a child's room

    Parents who have long acquired soft puzzles for their children have noted many advantages of such coatings. And those who are just planning to purchase a modular floor, you need to know the following:

    • With careful and careful use, the floor life will be 8-10 years.
    • In order not to disturb the decorative layer, abrasives should not be used for cleaning.
    • Modules can be taken out on the street or taken to nature, as they are assembled on any aligned surfaces.
    • Indoors, it is desirable to assemble modules for plywood or MDF.
    • If possible, it is better to fix the assembled carpet with glue for fixing linoleum or double-sided tape. But the coating almost does not slip on the floor and holds well.
    • If necessary, the size of the carpet can increase if you select items with appropriate locks.
    • The stores sell tiles of different parameters (from 25 * 25 to 100 * 100 cm) with any number of modules in the set (from 4 pieces and above).
    • On thin mats should not engage in active exercise or install heavy objects.

    The service life of the floor will be 8-10 years

    BoardBright puzzles are well cleaned and washed, but do not need to be engaged in frequent cleaning. This can damage the outer layer.
    Depending on the density chosen, the basic soft carpet options will depend.

    The best indicator will be 40-50 SPD, which will provide high softness and wear resistance of the floor. At a density of less than 40 CAS, the coating will turn out to be "liquid", indicating the manufacturer's savings on raw materials. The result is a soft and thin base, which does not protect the child from injury, bruises and quickly erased.

    With a density of more than 50 CAS, very hard tiles with high wear resistance are obtained. But because of the stiffness of the material does not soften the blows in the fall.

    Do not use abrasives for cleaning.

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    Rules for the purchase of suitable plates

    There are certain criteria for acquiring a soft floor:

    • When choosing products with a specific image, you should take sealed packs from one batch of release. This will avoid discrepancies in the shades of individual parts.
    • Determine the appropriate theme, taking into account the interests of the child (favorite animated series, heroes).
    • Durability, high strength and wear resistance. To determine these indicators, you must first familiarize yourself with the parameters of products and manufacturers. The best choice will be tiles with additional moisture resistance and resistance to ultraviolet radiation. They will not fade for a long time, they will not spoil from the spilled liquid.

    Modules can be taken out on the street or taken to the nature

    You should pay attention to the type of material from which the mat is made. The packaging should contain information that the products are non-toxic, safe and hypoallergenic. This will eliminate the appearance of unpleasant odor, staining of the skin due to low-quality paints.

    You can also determine the presence of an additional layer, which will serve as a good sound insulation. If possible, it is better to purchase bilateral products so that the baby is not tired of the monotonous theme.

    It is necessary to show imagination that the child will appreciate it. The rug will turn into an additional game, will be able to help the child with development and fast learning.

    Massage option

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    Styling Features

    In standard puzzles, the dimensions are 30 * 30 cm, and the height is 10-13 mm. They are not difficult to lay, do not require a special prepared base. Elements can be laid on a simple floor. To get a safe and warm playground, you need to complete the following steps:

    • Learn how to assemble modules. Each of them has an angle in the form of an arrow. It is necessary to add each detail in such a way that all the arrows are directed in one direction.
    • Modules stretch a bit and connect.
    • At least 2 cm should be left up to the walls; to protect fasteners, to lay curb strips.

    Assemble on any leveled surfaces.

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    How to care for soft floor?

    The selected soft coating will simplify the care, because it is resistant to chemicals, can be cleaned in different ways. HTo extend the life of the floor, you must adhere to the basic rules:

    • Do not move on the surface in heels, as from sharp objects the integrity of the protective film is damaged.
    • When wet cleaning use a sponge with soapy water, clean it at least twice a week.
    • Do not use strong chemicals.
    • If any element is damaged, you can replace only it.

    Whenever possible it is better to fix the assembled carpet with glue.

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    VIDEO: Options for soft floor in the nursery