Design of modern kitchen in 12 sq.m: How to approach the design? 190+ Photos of real ideas (angular, rectangular, square layouts)


A kitchen of 12 square meters, the photo of which will look original, can exist not only on the pages of glossy magazines. Beautiful design, interesting interior solutions, the consistency of everything to the smallest detail - all this is possible to implement on their own, in the conditions of an ordinary apartment or a private house. The task is facilitated by the fact that 12 square meters is, albeit not the largest kitchen, but no longer small. The average size is a set of opportunities which are deprived of an extreme. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Stylistic decisions
  • Modern styles
  • Classic styles
  • General style tips
  • Finish
  • Floor
  • Walls
  • Ceiling
  • Furniture materials
  • Location
  • VIDEO: Examples of the best kitchen design in 12 sq.m.
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 190 photos)
  • Stylistic decisions
  • Finish
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 190 photos)
  • Stylistic decisions

    The first thing the repair begins with is the development of an upcoming work plan. And for the plan you need to determine the main thing: in what style the kitchen will be made. It depends on the style, what materials you need to buy, what color they should be, what the furniture will look like. It depends in part on how the furniture will be arranged, how it is lighted, what accessories are added.

    Choose furniture that will fit the style

    And even if ready-made styles seem too dogmatic, boring to you, no one will interfere with using them as a source of inspiration for your own design.

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    Modern styles

    You are not drawn at all to remember the glorious past, to be interested in how the ancestors lived and to create in their home a sample of the comfort of the eighteenth century so much? Then modern styles will suit you - providing a feeling of spaciousness, lightness, simplicity, and also ready to accept even synthetic materials.

    The feeling of spaciousness and lightness of modern layouts.

    Most often, when talking about them, they recall the following styles:


    White, gray, rare blotches of black, lack of contrast and bright colors. Light wood, paint, tile, plastic in the finish. Furniture of the simplest forms, from the same plastic, wood or metal, and only the necessary - a pair of kitchen cabinets, a table, chairs. Minimalism loves built-in wardrobes, hidden dishes, household appliances, loves light, roller blinds. No accessories required - maximum flower in a pot or a vase with flowers.

    In the style of minimalism


    It looks like minimalism, but is more liberty. Colors - white, gray, beige, soft blue. In the decoration of light wood or plastic woodgrain, under the ceiling beams, stucco on the ceiling. The furniture is simple, not too bulky, but not too light, also from light wood. Minimal textiles - curtains that are easy to move away and that let in a lot of light, embroidered seats on chairs. Of the accessories dishes, painted in the marine theme, a small picture without a frame on the wall (also in blue tones). Scandinavian style loves space, simplicity, everything should be reliable and good.

    Minimum Scandinavian Textiles


    All the same minimalism, but in the design of the twentieth century underground. There is a concrete screed on the floor or linoleum under it, brickwork and plaster on the walls, ceiling beams. Furniture made of metal, plastic and wood, must have a bar and high stools. Spot lighting, highlighting the zone. There are no curtains on the windows. On the wall must graffiti or posters with the image of musical groups. Accessories - a living flower, samples of twentieth century art. A variety of things that people who are keen on coffee and teas - wooden cups under the mat, a beautiful carved coffee grinder, a metal Turk with patterns, look amazingly good in the loft.

    Design a small kitchen in the loft style

    High tech

    And again, minimalism, but in the design of the latest technologies that cause associations with the spacecraft. Colors - silver, white, black. Almost no bright accents. Finishing - tiles, metal above the working area, paint on the ceiling, paint on the walls. Furniture of strange shapes, plastic, metal. A table with a glass or metal tabletop and half-round chairs will look good. On the windows necessarily rolled curtains. As accessories - appliances that are especially easy to beat in the kitchen. Food processor, coffee maker, microwave, dishwasher - all this may look as if the future has already come. Protruding wires are appropriate.

    Hi-tech - a lot of technology does not happen


    The interior of the future, in which it seems that time has moved a hundred years ahead. Colors - gray, white, black, blue. Materials - metal and glass, can be used glossy tiles and paint. Good looking windows in the wall. Furniture made of metal and glass, flexible, strange outlines. Highlight amazing colors on all pieces of furniture. Household appliances should look so that an untrained person does not immediately understand how to use them.


    The strangest of modern styles, whose name means “bad taste” - in fact, with its help you can turn the interior into a mockery of modern philistine fashion. Bright, flashy colors. Elegant, expensive, but completely tasteless technique. There is a carpet on the floor, paintings on the walls with a claim to art. In the furniture - ridiculous combinations like a plastic table with antique chairs. Kitsch allows virtually complete freedom, but also requires excellent taste.

    Bright accent in the form of colorful chairs

    BoardIf the rest of the apartment is decorated in a modern style, then the kitchen should not be an exception. If you start with her repair, then modern styles will do, if you prefer in interiors not the usual comfort, but an interesting idea.

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    Classic styles

    Classics never become outdated - this is its main advantage. But for classic styles, natural materials will be needed, since plastic imitation of wood or stone usually looks much worse.

    Typical classic interior small room

    The most common classical styles are:


    Originally from France, this style bets on lightness and airiness. Imagine that outside the window you have a view of the Eiffel Tower, it is spring outside and everything is fine. Approximately the same feeling should cause the kitchen in the style of Provence. Its colors are white, beige, shades of pale blue and other light shades. Materials - wallpaper in a small flower, tile on the floor, bleached or painted ceiling. On the windows there are light fabrics of tulle or chintz, the furniture is thin-legged. You can put the chairs with patterned metal backrests, a small cozy chair. On the table must be a vase of flowers. Small photos or drawings will decorate the walls, and elegant dishes - a work area.

    Tiles on the floor, wallpaper in the flower - signs of a typical Provence


    Smooth lines, bends, quirkiness are characteristic of modernity. Its colors are sand, silver, white, black, and for contrast they are red, yellow, blue. The decoration of wood and paint, or tiles, furniture smoothly curved and soft, even in appearance. On the windows of roller blinds, looks good arched opening instead of the door. Be sure to - vegetable intricate patterns on the walls or on textiles. Can be replaced by birds or butterflies.

    Smooth lines and light colors make the room visually large.


    Saffron, wood, milky shades, wooden panels and wallpaper on the walls, tiles on the floor, beams on the ceiling. Furniture reliable, strong, in abundance. Must at least one soft old-fashioned chair. On the floor in the dining area, you can put a carpet on the table, be sure to find a tablecloth. Photos of family members, heavy curtains, imitation of a fireplace, and also metal kitchen utensils look very good in English style.

    Restraint English style


    The same minimalism, but in a classic way. Light wood on the floor and walls, whitewash or plaster the ceiling. The window curtains (can be under the bamboo), decorate the lamp shade with hieroglyphs. The table in the Japanese interior should be very low; instead of chairs, there should be cushions on which you should sit with your legs up. This style looks very good if you prefer Asian cuisine, eat with chopsticks and cook unusual dishes.

    BoardClassic styles are much more diverse, but by and large, they always coziness and natural materials. If you like everything old-fashioned, they will suit you.

    Japan is among us - we make out with notes of the east

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    General style tips

    Of course, it is not necessary to design the kitchen in a specific style, so that it looks like its illustration. You can apply fantasy and build something of your own, but it will look good only if you follow the simplest rules:

    • Things must fit together. An antique carved chair and a plastic table will not look together, unless you have a kitsch. The materials of the furniture should be similar. The overall style should also be similar - a thin-legged wooden chair next to a massive wooden table will also not look very good.
    • Colors should match each other. Warm colors are shared with cold ones only if you need the strongest contrast - and who knows if they will look good. As for the rest, the colors of one warmth, of a similar shade, look good. The contrast should be thought out - you can use the tables from the Internet.
    • Materials must fit together. So, plastic looks either with tiles, or with linoleum and paint, but next to the tree it will look ridiculous, as well as next to natural stone. Metal must be combined carefully, and too much gloss can be harmful.

    Match colors that match each other.

    BoardHaving invented a great new concept for your kitchen, draw it or re-create it in one of the design programs. Otherwise, it may turn out that it will look great in the imagination only. Return to the menu ↑ Return to the menu


    When it is decided what style the kitchen will have, it remains only to clarify details, such as finishing materials and ways of arranging furniture.

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    The following materials will be suitable for finishing the floor:

    • Tile. It is placed in the kitchen more often, because it is easy to clean by any aggressive chemical means, it is not afraid of hot drops and splashes of fat, does not suffer from temperature drops and high humidity, does not wear out too much with time. It can suffer solely from mechanical effects, but if nothing heavy is dropped, it can serve for decades. Recommend to choose a tile that does not slip, otherwise the person who prepares, has a chance in a hurry to slip and get hurt.
    • Linoleum. The second classic material. Does not suffer from temperature changes, humidity, mechanical stress. But over time, wear out and is afraid of the hot - if you have a pan with something falling on the floor, there will be a stain on the linoleum. It can serve for decades, but beauty loses pretty quickly.
    • A natural stone. The original material that can lie in your kitchen for longer than the house itself that has contained it. Not afraid of anything at all, from mechanical effects does not crack, but expensive.
    • Laminate. Wood planks, laminated on top of plastic, are not suitable for the working area, as they are afraid of the hot and do not like moisture. If something is poured on them, the appearance will change. But the laminate looks good, fits perfectly into classic styles.
    • Parquet. Beautiful, expensive material, which is also not suitable for the work area. Requires careful maintenance, careful operation, but it looks great.

    On the floor, choose a material that will be practical and reliable.

    BoardUsually, those who make repairs themselves are recommended to use two types of materials to separate the working area from the dining area. For the first fit stone, tile, linoleum. Laminate flooring - for dining.

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    Suitable for walls:

    • Metal. It looks quite specific, adds rigor to the kitchen, some operating room flair, but in the same loft or hi-tech it will look organic. Not afraid of anything - the perfect solution for the work area.
    • Natural stone and tile. They are not afraid of temperature, moisture, hot splashes, they look good. Also a great solution for the work area, as well as a brick.
    • Paint. It is afraid of hot splashes, but there are no changes in temperature with humidity. For the dining area is quite suitable, as well as decorative plaster, where you can make an interesting texture to taste.
    • Wallpaper. Not for the working area, but beautiful, easy to stick, not afraid of anything. Usually it is fiberglass or non-woven wallpaper.
    • Tree. For dining area. Fears hot, ambiguously reacts to changes in temperature, moisture. Grades of wood, completely insensitive to them, roads.

    Wallpaper or paint - the choice is yours

    BoardIt is also better to use two materials, because the tile fits best for the working area, but the whole kitchen covered with them will look somewhat strange. Return to the menu


    For the ceiling is used:

    • Plaster. It may suffer from moisture, but is well suited for classic styles.
    • Paint. Not afraid of humidity, temperature changes, but eventually crack.
    • Stretch ceiling. It is used only when there is a hood over the stove and with caution, as it is afraid of high temperatures, mechanical effects. But it looks beautiful, it looks very good if combined with drywall. Minus - violates the normal ventilation of the room.
    • Drywall. Used for complex-shaped ceilings, for two-level ceilings. Suffering from moisture, but not afraid of temperature extremes. You can do it yourself.

    Drywall in the kitchen is not an amazing thing

    You can also whiten the ceiling, but whitewashing, with all its low price, gets dirty. But for the stretch ceiling just have to invite experts.

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    Furniture materials

    Of equal importance than materials for decoration are the materials from which the furniture is made - which is a kitchen set, that the furniture is a dining area.

    It may be:

    • Chipboard. Pressed with resin resin sawdust, which are glued to either paper or plastic film. Very low price, appropriate quality - furniture will last about five years, then warp, crack, change shape. Fears of water, temperature changes, but only if there is a violation of the integrity of the film.
    • MDF. The same sawdust, but melted to a homogeneous mass, and then compressed into a specific form. Stronger than a chipboard, it serves about ten years, it looks good, but it is just as afraid of moisture and drops, if you wrap the film. However, if you take the plastic is not at the lowest price, the film will disappear soon.
    • Real tree. Looks beautiful, serves a long time. If properly processed, it is not afraid of any water, heat or cold.
    The tree periodically needs re-treatment, and it is quite expensive.

    Pay attention to the material of the kitchen set

    • A rock. A brick bar counter is exactly what will look great in a loft. A marble tabletop at the table will serve years and years. The only drawback of any stone is that it is heavy. We'll have to spend time trying to figure out whether the floor will withstand it, and also to deliver it to the apartment.
    • Plastic. Cheap, simple, bright, diverse - plastic tables with chairs, there is a huge set. You can find something for the modern - with smooth curves, fancy shapes. Plastic is not afraid of anything, but eventually fades, and can also crack if it is hit.
    • Metal. Purely metallic furniture is not usually made; it is too strict, “cold”. But the metal tabletop or frame at the chair is quite possible. Serves metal for a long time, is not afraid of anything, is expensive. From humidity, however, can rust, but in the kitchen is usually lower.
    • Glass. Used in the elements - tabletop, cabinet door. It looks beautiful, easy to clean (except for divorces), but is expensive, and also does not like mechanical effects. Can be replaced with transparent plastic or be beautifully processed.

    Bright design will not suit everyone

    BoardDo not overload the interior with a variety of materials. Do you like glass? Let it be the accent - tabletop, inserts in the headset. But only one main material should supplement it.Like a tree? Let everything be from wood, in extreme cases - with metal inserts. Compatibility is most important.

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    Any kitchen - unless, of course, you have a very large house with a separate living room - there are two main areas, working and dining. The working is a kitchen set, in the dining table and chairs.

    The location of the furniture in the work area

    The work area has several layout solutions:
    • In one line. Peculiar classics. All cabinets, stove, sink, refrigerator line up along one wall. The only negative is that walking along the line is not very convenient, and you have to walk all the time while cooking.
    • In two lines. Also a classic - the headset is built along both walls, and a table and chairs are placed near the window. If you leave more space, and between the lines is not less than a meter, it will be much easier to move between the key points of the kitchen than in the previous decision.
    • The letter "G". This arrangement allows you to easily move between everything you need and leaves enough room for the dining area. It will do, even if the kitchen is narrow and there are no headsets on it in two lines - the passage is too narrow.
    • The letter "P". It may not work - after all, such a solution needs space. Only if the kitchen is square, it will be quite comfortable.

    Linear layout example

    Interestingly, the arrangement of the letter "P" can be approached in an original way: shorten one of the sticks "P" and finish it with a small table. It looks funny, you can have breakfast at the table, but it can be too high - after all, the working area is traditionally located slightly higher than the dining table.

    The dining area can also take place in different ways:
    • Isle - a table surrounded by chairs, is separate from the headset;
    • peninsula - one side it is adjacent to the headset;
    • folding table - embedded in the wall, revealed if necessary;
    • sliding table - rolls into the kitchen only when someone is going to eat.

    Dining area in the form of a resettable table

    There is also a bar and a transforming table - the first is well suited for modern styles, the second for those who like to receive guests, but does not want to occupy space on an ongoing basis.

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