White bedroom in a modern style (125+ Photo Design) - White furniture / walls. How not to go too far with the choice?


Modern society is overloaded with information and advertising, and our thoughts are always busy with work and family problems. Where to look for rest and relaxation, if not in your bedroom? Filling the room plays an important role in its perception by man. Furniture sets the style of the room, its mood.


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    Often, a white bedroom is associated with impracticality and marquee, however, white furniture is less noticeable dust and stains from cleaning, unlike dark furniture.

    The white room should not consist of identical surfaces, the abundance of glossy surfaces will make the room a brand, its cleaning will take more time. You should not buy only matte furniture, it will make the space dull. The surface of the furniture should not be afraid of washing with detergents.

    It is better not to save and buy expensive and high-quality furniture, it will last longer. White furniture is universal, it can fit into any space.

    Furniture sets the style of the room, its mood

    For contrast, apply dark wallpaper or decorative plaster on the walls. If you want a cozy monochrome space, choose a room in pastel colors. Complete the bright bedroom with bright or dark accessories, make accents that diversify the room.

    A variant for white furniture will be such a simple material as plastic. He does not need to be afraid and associate with summer cafes.

    This modern material is increasingly preferred by foreign designers, and technologies allow producing refined, practical and durable items. In this case, the plastic does not require constant care and can withstand heavy loads.

    The white room should not consist of identical surfaces.

    If the plastic is not credible, prefer painted plywood or wood. Care of such surfaces is simple, and prices are different for any budget.

    Consider the shape of the furniture, geometrically complex designer furniture will bring animation into the space of the room. Vintage or specially aged furniture will give the bedroom an old-fashioned sophistication. The choice of furniture depends on the historical style in which you want to make a room.

    The choice will fall on still fashionable Scandinavian style or classical baroque and English, classical style, or you like austere minimalism. In an organic bedroom, the main thing is the compatibility of objects in space.

    Filling the room is very important

    White furniture makes the room lighter, does not overload the space, makes it light and cozy.


    If it seems to you that white furniture has a direct association with a hospital ward, prefer cream pastel shades of furniture or make white-pearl accents on a piece of furniture, for example, on cabinets. A massive white wardrobe will visually look lighter, and the interior will become airy.

    Massive white cabinet

    Choose a less branded texture, matte, having irregularities and roughness, due to the designer's idea. Frosted surfaces for this piece of furniture are more suitable in modern life. Fingerprints are clearly visible on the shiny glossy surface.

    BoardGet glossy interior items with which there will be minimal interaction, for example, upper shelves. To clean glossy surfaces you need to come up with the right cleaning products.

    For washing glossy surfaces can not be used with abrasive components, they leave the smallest scratches that immediately become visible. For cleaning you can use rags and polishes.

    Frosted surfaces for this piece of furniture are more suitable in modern life.

    The pros of a white cabinet:

    • interoperability with bright and monochrome shades;
    • associations with purity and light.
    BoardOrder a wardrobe made of wood or make it out of plasterboard and paint the selected color. Make glass bets on one or two cabinet doors, they will expand the large space of the room. Choose a pattern on glass, floral ornaments or geometric patterns on the sides will add decorative to the cabinet as a whole.

    Drawing on glass is applied by etching, so the drawing should not be difficult. Doors with glass must be strong, so as not to break from the mechanical effects and quality, so that there is no need to change them because of scratches and chips. Technologies allow to apply any images to the doors:

    • portraits;
    • landscapes;
    • drawn pictures;
    • own photos.

    Choose a less branded texture

    Decorate the cabinet with bright doors, if such color accents will be written off into the interior of the room. To the classical style or to the Baroque, complete the cabinet with gold inserts and monograms, enrich the appearance of the facade.

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    The choice of color scheme of the room depends on your preferences. For calm, melancholic personalities, I recommend calm color schemes, for extraordinary active people, to include active bright colors in the color scheme of the bedroom.

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    Black and white bedroom

    When developing the concept of a bedroom in black and white, the dominant color is chosen first. Most often, white is chosen dominant - it is the color of purity and space, black helps to focus attention on the details. Black furniture will effectively stand out against the background of white wall coverings.

    In black and white

    The main thing is not to overload the room with dark shades, if you choose the black floor, then the ceiling is only snow-white, add designer light to emphasize the elements of the room. There is the option of a black and white room from the white interior. You will need to add dark, black elements in the form of decor and textiles. Bed black cover, buy dark lampshades for lampshades.

    BoardWhen making a room is better to use white and black colors of the same shade. A variety of shades will make the room faceless.

    In a monochrome interior, textures and textures become the main ones. In addition to the contrast of glossy and matte surfaces, use contrasting geometric and smooth lines in furniture and decor. If there are more light shades in the room, the room will be calming.

    Do not overload the room with dark shades.

    To pick up the third color in a monochrome interior will be simple.

    Do not enter into the interior more than one bright color.

    Use the minimum amount of color accents, take one pure color and enter it into the interior. Elements can be:

    • small pillows;
    • vases;
    • picture frames.

    As a third color, you can use a designer light: highlight the wall or ceiling with colored color and the room will get a different mood.

    If the bright color in the interior looks too flashy, I advise you to introduce shades of white: pearl, ivory, milky.

    Black and white room can be decorated in different styles:

    • Art Deco;
    • classic style;
    • minimalism;
    • modern;
    • high tech.

    Virtually any style can be represented in monochrome.

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    Gray white

    Lovers of soothing shades will love a single bedroom without flashy shades. At first glance, the space may seem boring and depressing, but the highlight of the room is the contrast of the surfaces. Add more mirrored surfaces to make the room tint with daylight.

    In gray and white

    It is not necessary to set bright accents if you want a peaceful, peaceful space. In textiles and accessories choose peach, purple shades.


    • natural fabrics;
    • large knots;
    • high pile carpets;
    • animal skins.

    Comfort in the room will create a variety of texture materials.

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    Red and white design

    A bedroom made in such colors can excite and soothe. I recommend for small spaces to take the main color white, and add red shades to it. The choice of shade depends on your character and temperament. If you want bright colors, then scarlet, crimson, English red will encourage you to action. Red with inept use causes negative associations and aggression, so as not to be mistaken, choose cherry, garnet, salmon shades.

    In red and white

    Do not get involved in the red color of people with nervous disorders. Some shades cause aggression, not all people can relax and unwind in the red bedroom.

    The accent method looks impressive. In one part of the room red dominates, and in the rest of the space it is present only accentually. Red color brings the energy of passion, in this regard, experts advise to arrange the red colors in the bedroom of the newlyweds in order to maintain the passion in the relationship.

    Build the space of the room in gray-white and enter the red one shade in the details. Make an accent wall or highlight the head of the bed, add textiles and a little decor. Add brown in the design to soften the active red and highlight the luxury and style of the room.

    A bedroom made in such tones can both excite and soothe.

    BoardAdd to the combination of red and white is also black. In such a union, one color should dominate, occupying 60-70% of the interior. The same proportions of colors will make the interior hectic.

    Introducing additional shades is quite difficult, they can destroy the harmony of the interior. If the goal is not to make the room a shocking space, leave the primary colors and use only them.

    The accent acceptation looks impressive.

    Making only red is quite rare, this is a difficult design job, but even professionals can make mistakes, and the interior will be lifeless and look like a hotel room. You should not get involved in red in small rooms, bright active color narrows the space and makes it more compact. Red color is used in many styles, for example, in Baroque, Empire, ethnic, high-tech.

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    Accents in the bedroom

    Often tenants are concerned about the issue of the transformation of space, adding zest. Consider ways to add zest at the stage of repair and in a few years, without spending large amounts.

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    With a white bed

    Bed - the main element of the bedroom, a place of rest. A comfortable bed of the required size ensures a healthy sleep and allows you to gain strength. White bed in the interior gives a feeling:

    • ease;
    • airiness;
    • attractiveness.

    White bed in the interior gives a feeling of lightness

    At the same time, a white bed can distort the geometry of the room, as it looks more voluminous than a dark one. Many people mistakenly believe that a white bed is suitable for a small room, but it changes the perception of space. White bed is better to put in the space of medium and more volume.

    Change your dark bed to a white one and the space will change drastically.

    Purchase a bed with a headboard made of wood, leather or plastic to reduce the rapid contamination of the fabric headboards.

    The white bed will perfectly fit into the neoclassical, classic, minimalist interior. The bed can be a bright spot in a room with a dark finish or written off in a laconic design in the style of minimalism, in which case the bed looks harmonious, not speaking to the fore.

    The white bed will perfectly fit into the neoclassical, classic and minimalist interiors.

    It is not necessary to pick up objects near the bed in the same color scheme from one set, complement the space with bedside tables, cabinets of gray, wood, black colors. Add mirror surfaces, complement the white furniture with light objects and visually expand the space.

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    The most popular material is very long, the choice of which will satisfy the pickiest buyer. White wallpaper - an option for bedrooms with a small area. Light walls will visually expand the space, fill it with air.

    White wallpaper with patterns or pronounced texture will be the accent of bright interior

    The advantages of white wall coverings:

    • light walls expand the space;
    • the room is not difficult to pick up furniture and accessories. Use items to match the wallpaper or play on the contrast;
    • white color leaves a feeling of purity and freshness;
    • thanks to nuanced shades, the room acquires depth and heterogeneity;
    • the variety of textures sets the mood and tone of the whole room, kinesthetics will be delighted.

    The disadvantages of light wallpaper:

    • markiness

    An important disadvantage, but when approaching the choice of material, for example, buying washable wallpaper, the tidiness of the room will be preserved. If adults and children live in the room, decorate the lower part of the wall with wall panels.

    White wallpaper with patterns or pronounced texture will be the focus of a bright interior.

    Refinement and style in the design of the walls will introduce nuanced shades of white. In daylight, shades of white wallpaper will be clearly visible. Now you do not need to pick wallpaper from different manufacturers to find those most pleasant looking shades. Manufacturers are completing in one album several options for decorating a room with a different color and pattern of wallpaper.

    BoardSo that the space with white walls does not look boring, be sure to include contrasting accents or combine white and colored wallpapers, purchase contrasting furniture or glue textured textured wallpaper with a pattern.

    As an option to decorate the bedroom: paste the empty headboard on the bed with contrasting bright or dark wallpaper, use moldings to enhance the decorative effect.

    So that the wallpaper with a simple geometric pattern does not look sad, supplement them with wooden panels, this technique is relevant in classical interiors, in children's rooms.

    White wallpaper will be the basis for minimalism, loft, art deco, classic style. To create an interior in the style of the 1960s, buy white wallpaper with a geometric pattern, repeat this pattern in contrasting pillows and furniture upholstery.

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    In the white bedroom, the curtains can be a bright outstanding spot and a focus of attention, even with other accents. Modern prints on curtains amaze with their beauty and imitation of various artistic techniques. In support of curtains, lay a carpet in the room, combined with curtains or cushions to match. They should not take the focus on themselves, bring harmony and balance the interior.

    In the white bedroom curtains can be a bright outstanding spot.

    In the textile design of the bedroom in a classic style, add details, the content of the ornament is a golden hue. Golden curtains and ornamented curtains will give a gloss to the space, add a small decor of golden color and the interior will get a complete look.

    White curtains should be in the same color scheme with walls and floor. For lightweight airspace, choose pleated translucent fabrics.

    An interesting decorative solution are day-night curtains.. Light and dense dark stripes alternate in them. With the help of an adjusting cord the curtains are closed tightly or partially. Convenient and practical.

    For monochrome baroque interiors, lush window drapes are used. Combine two fabrics - a pastel shade and a brighter tone, use textures with dense patterns.

    Changing curtains allows you to change the annoying interior room. Choose curtains of a different texture, density, choose bright patterns to replace the pastel shades of the present. Return to the menu ↑ return to the menu


    Additional charm to the bedroom will give a binding to a particular style. Below I will talk about the most popular interior styles that are realized in the bedrooms.

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    Loft style

    Still popular in our apartments style. The bedroom in white colors looks advantageous in such a style: the diversity of textures makes even one shade of white playful and different from itself. Loft style attracts with deliberate rudeness and unusual interior decoration. Despite the simplicity of decoration, interior design looks cozy.

    Loft style

    The basic rule of industrial interior is the lack of decoration or imitation of its absence.

    The walls are usually finished with brick, rough plaster or left without finishing - bare concrete. The floor is wood or concrete; if you like, you can buy a tile that imitates concrete or wood. On the ceiling visible crossbar rafter; often there is a concrete slab. It is enough to decorate one wall and not overload the interior with decor and furniture and creates the feeling of a loft.

    Lay the accent wall with brick or imitation; paint the remaining walls and ceiling gray or white.

    A lot of light shades make the space more visually.

    Dark ceiling visually narrow space. If the room is small, then you need to give preference to the white ceiling.

    During the construction phase, complete the ceiling with wooden beams, if the height allows. In the final stages, diversify the interior with original lampshades - the loft is ready!

    A lot of light shades will make the space visually larger and hide the wrong room geometry. In the loft, even large windows are left without curtains and curtains, but to hide the shortcomings of the room or, suppressing the looks of neighbors, it is permissible to hang curtains.

    Add bright accessories, vintage furniture, mirrors to room space.

    Furniture in the loft does not have a specific style, but do not need to mix different styles, the main moderation. Designer furniture of unusual shapes is well suited for the interior. Often in the loft you can find a bike hanging on the wall, here it is also a decorative element.

    Add bright accessories, vintage furniture, mirrors to room space. It should be guided by the principle of practicality and convenience. Often it is enough to put only a bed in a loft so that the space has a complete look. Do not overload the room with unnecessary elements. Leave free space.

    Furniture in the loft does not have a specific style.

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    The classic style is polished over the centuries, there are no superfluous elements, it is a complete composition. Need to follow the rules to create a suitable interior. The main element of the room is a bed, it is the center of the composition. When developing a design project, it is necessary to pay attention to textiles, high-quality fabrics are able to ennoble even a scanty interior.

    Cheap textiles will destroy the feeling of pompousness and the height of the noble interior.

    In classic style

    The bed in a classical interior assumes an ornamental carved headboard. If this is not intended, choose exclusive textiles with hand embroidery. The highlight of the room will be a canopy over the bed. Make the bed even more intimate by hanging the canopy. This volume interior takes up a lot of space and is not suitable for small bedrooms and rooms with ceilings below 2.7 m. The main properties of the fabric are weightlessness, translucency.

    BoardPick up a canopy to match the rest of the textile or highlight it with a bright color, textiles canopy and plaid on the bed should be in harmony.

    Consider lighting inside the bedroom. Arrange spotlights around the canopy or around the perimeter of the walls. Separate the light into the main and decorative. The chandelier in the room should give a lot of light, for evening lighting get symmetrical wall sconces. The light temperature regulator will allow you to change your mood of the interior: a warm light brings romance.

    The bed in a classical interior assumes a decorative carved headboard

    Combine within the same space different in texture and texture materials. The ceiling is canonically decorated with plaster stucco, it can be replaced with stucco made of polyurethane, flexible vinyl, duropolymer. The variety of materials allows you to choose different patterns and easy to mount products on the ceiling and walls.

    For a more solemn type of bedroom on the walls using moldings. For the floor, I advise you to choose parquet from natural wood or quartz-vinyl tile of light shades. For textiles, choose natural hypoallergenic fabrics, such as silk, cotton, linen or wool. Return to menu


    For the arrangement of the room in the style of Provence, I advise you to pay attention to the wallpaper with floral patterns and decorative pastel shades of plaster. Combine monochromatic coverings and floral patterns, make handmade painting on a free wall.

    Provence style

    White color is easily combined with shades characteristic of Provence:

    • purple
    • cream;
    • light yellow.

    Use wood, parquet or laminate flooring. A variety of colors allows you to choose coverage for any budget.

    Furniture light shades canonical in the interior of the Provence. A bed of natural wood of light shades will organically fit into the surrounding space. If the area of ​​the room allows you to place additional furniture, in addition to the bed, cabinets and wardrobe, install a dressing table and a mirror.

    Furniture in the style of the interior of southern France has scuffs, cracks, buy vintage furniture or artificially aged furniture.

    Textiles are predominantly natural: linen, cotton with a small floral pattern or check.

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    Minimalism implies a sleek design, no extra details.I advise you to choose white as the main one and complement it with shades:

    • beige;
    • milk;
    • pearl

    The combination of glossy and matte furniture coatings will make the space of the room more interesting.

    Basic materials of minimalism:

    • tree;
    • a rock;
    • glass;
    • metal;
    • plastic.

    Minimalism means concise design.

    In minimalism, built-in furniture is readily used: a wardrobe, drawers for clothes under the bed, a hidden TV. For small spaces of rooms use a transforming bed. In the daytime, the bed is assembled and is part of the wardrobe, in the evening it turns into a full-fledged sleeping place.

    Practicality and comfort are important in furniture.. A bedside table is also a necessary minimum of furniture. If the room has a desk or dressing table, zoning is carried out.

    Purchase doors with hidden handles and for painting, it creates the feeling that there are no doors in the room. Patterns and decorations do not fit into the minimalist style, for walls instead of wallpaper, use painting or decorative plaster. When making window openings, select roller blinds or blinds instead of classic curtains.

    Practicality and comfort are important in furniture.

    If you prefer curtains, the fringe and tassels will not be appropriate. Add the mystery of the bedroom in the dark, using the designer light. Highlight the room around the perimeter with spotlights, place floor lamps of the original form on the floor, which give geometric shadows.

    The color scheme of the style is clear and concise, only three colors. White / light gray and black are two main colors. Add a creamy, brown color when the furniture has a natural color.

    BoardIf the furniture is white, add a few bright accents.

    The combination of glossy and matte furniture coatings will make the space of the room more interesting.

    The advantage of minimalism is the ability to change the space without spending a lot of energy and money. Regrouping furniture, changing the color or shape of color accents in the root changes the impression of space.

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    Interest in the Scandinavian style in Russia has not been extinguished for a long time. Simple, strict, but at the same time laconic and functional is valued for the absence of unnecessary details and the possibility of creating a stylish space without investing large amounts of decoration and buying furniture.

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