Simple and many-sided Country style in the interior of a country house. 200+ Photos of natural design and simplicity


The interior in country style in the house can strike you with many things. If you thought it was a simple style, you change your judgment. Simplicity also knows how to be skillful. The basic principle of country style is to avoid any contrapors of materials that do not include the concepts of "naturalness", "environmental friendliness" and "rural life". The interiors should reflect the simplicity of the rustic way - its natural comfort and closeness to nature.


What is country music?

Country music is the philosophy of a measured way of life that has evolved in a particular country. Speaking Russian, this is a rustic style. Developed a lot of directions in the design, received the name of the French, English country. There is a modern country style, Russian country style also has a place.

However, in Russia, country music is seen to a greater extent in the American tradition of the times of colonization and the beginning of the New World, when a new look at decor and convenience was formed. In this respect, it is very similar to Rustic, but not so harsh and authentic. In contrast to the rustic, country retained some sophistication and even elegance.

The interior should reflect the simplicity of the rustic way.

After passing over the years countless influences and assimilations from designers from around the world, country has become a general term covering American, English and French styles.

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Design Principles

The main trends are painted and unpainted wooden furniture, quilts, baskets, folk art, handmade carpets. This is a friendly, life-sustaining approach to decorating, which helped in its time to develop new enthusiasm for antique works, flea markets and branded things that are obvious to the style today.

However, at present, the approach to country style has changed somewhat towards greater sophistication, but the value of hand-made things, well-designed furniture and accessories remains and expands with each generation.

Country style is a measured lifestyle philosophy.

The country has found its place such items as:

  • Adirondack country chairs;
  • quilts and rugs;
  • garden furniture in the style of the Atlantic;
  • china early XIX century.

Components are distinguished by many factors, such as personal taste and region. But each country room of your house will emit a comfortable, relaxing aura, if it is performed in country music, where all items were lovingly gathered over a period of time.

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Country adapts easily. Create warm, cozy rooms in colors such as:

  • red;
  • yellow;
  • dark green;
  • Gray;
  • buttermilk;
  • rust;
  • straw.

Warm and cozy style

Make neutral walls with mottled finishes such as blue and red wine. For the modern look of the country, especially in a small space, paint the walls of your room, the decoration and the ceiling in cream or soft white.

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Make polished wooden floors that reflect light and show grain, or paint the floor with a so-called "diamond" pattern, which is a classic example of the 18th and 19th century. Pre-treated wood floors, available in various types of wood, are a modern alternative to high-exploitation areas such as kitchens and living rooms. Rugs, woven rugs and thick rag rugs will add a new level of interest.

Make polished wooden floors

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Let the light breeze walk on the edges of simple curtains in romantic hues. Roman curtains or short curtains of their natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool are desirable. From seat cushions to table napkins, find simple, custom loom patterns that work best. For example, look at plaids with a cage or stripes in shades such as turquoise, lime green, and creamy yellow.

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The decor of the style is restrained, but welcomes friends and family. Sofas and chairs should be designed for years of use. Dining tables should be roomy enough to accommodate all relatives. Beds should be simple: with folded blankets and pillows in winter, open to fresh cotton sheets in summer.

The decor of the style is restrained

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Choose characteristic accessories such as patchwork quilts, baskets, hand-carved toys, as well as crockery, all kinds of carved flat plates and jugs. Open shelves or cabinets with a high panel, a combination of glass and solid doors together, or a combination of wooden and painted cabinets will maintain the dynamics in the kitchen.

BoardShow your collection of black metal or cast iron pots or copper cookware, holding them separately.

Kitchen option in this version

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As for the bath, the free-standing bathtub and old-style sinks are widely available today. A standard white bath enclosed in sheet piling is also appropriate.

Embed in durable ceramic tiles, such as high-quality porcelain stoneware. Use a checkerboard pattern on the walls and floors. Turn on the shaker-style storage towel and bathrobes - wooden cover for everyday toiletries. When night falls, light the candles in the wrought iron chandelier.

Country music is a celebration of simplicity.

Foot bath - the highlight of the bathroom

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How to make a house in the country?

The goal is to create a comfortable and cozy interior, which will be both welcoming and homely. There are many methods that you can use to create such a style, and you do not need to live in the countryside to achieve it.

The main goal is to enjoy relaxation or socializing. Ideas such as oversized fireplaces, large and comfortable furniture, a wood-burning stove or even a decorative fireplace and a fireplace are all relevant here. Everything has its place. Return to the menu

Where to find ideas for country?

Decide what you want to see in your home interior and visit all sorts of antique markets that can be a good place to look for inspiration, because there are many key elements that you can adapt to your decor. Look at flea markets to determine which patterns you prefer for your rooms, and even for a selection of accessories and small items. You can also take ideas from country houses - perhaps spending the day wandering around the local manor, looking for clues.

The purpose of the style is to create a comfortable and cozy interior.

Spending time browsing online is also a great idea, as there are a lot of ideas for blending this style with your own tastes or things that suit your space.

BoardAGA stove can be a suitable way to add a feeling of an old country house.

Large furniture, such as leather sofas for the living room in a rustic style, is another way to make style. You can choose patterned pillows from tartan that give a sense of countryside.If you are building your own country house, then large windows and wooden beams, or the opportunity to see the brickwork of the building, would also be a great idea.

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Country-style houses can look good with a wide range of different colors, as this really creates a feeling of home comfort. Soft gray shades or greens can bring a sense of truss, white walls with the addition of plinth and highlight the door frame can create a complex effect.

BoardChoose colors that look good in the reflection of different fixtures, such as French gray, which works brilliantly for this style.

Fireplace will add comfort to the interior

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Show the original flooring in your home. For example, rustic stone floors or bare wood floors work great for the homely atmosphere of country.

Wooden floors in the kitchen are relevant as well as in the living room, you can use a rug and add color and home comfort.

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What style should be in my house?

Although country music creates the impression of a calm rural life, it will not necessarily be simple, but it can also be elegant.

The design looks best if it creates the feeling that it was not assembled immediately, but over time, carefully searching and selecting the cherished details. This country makes the house feel "old-timers". You can create this look with small strokes, for example, to combine the colors of the cabinet and decoration.

Using style in a large room

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Rustic Style Tips

Take inspiration from the history of the countryside with ideas such as whitewashing the walls in white to highlight new textiles, advertising posters or even antiques. Create an organic look with wooden vintage library lamps and wooden tables and chairs.

Try to add the charm of age to a new kitchen, using a variety of textures and simple ideas, such as tin breadbaskets, fresh flowers and dish hangers.

BoardConsider the details of the design of each room. For example, bedroom ideas may include a large headboard in earthy color, but a more feminine floral print for the bedspread.

It is also important to try to keep the look fresh and not outdated. Bathroom ideas to provide a relaxing, homely and rustic style should include a free-standing bathtub, lighter colors and open rafters. Choosing the right softer lighting will help create a place to lie down and relax.

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How to decorate

Accessories here look more interesting than in a different style, since you have a wide selection of places to shop. Flea markets on weekends, antique shops and even boutique shops have accessories that are great for this style.

Vintage country artifacts include anything:

  • forks on the walls;
  • Cuckoo-clock;
  • various tin cans and flasks;
  • glass bottles;
  • antique shelves.

Pay attention to accessories

You can even use all these examples in the same house to create the feeling that the collection was not going to take more than one day.

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How to apply style in a small room?

Choosing the right paintwork material for home decor is very important, as it will help create more space and add an elegant impression. For this style, many homeowners are tempted to use bold and bright colors, however, it may be worth using them with caution, as they can quickly go out of fashion.These colors can also make a room visually much smaller than it actually will be.

You may need to choose a lighter color and accessory with bright details to easily change the style if necessary. However, make sure that you do not clutter up the room, as this can also make it smaller. Techniques such as mirrors will help make the room brighter.

Making a small room

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French country

Whether you were in France or not, you probably imagine French country music as a sort of a weathered barn in the middle of lavender fields and the welcoming sun. French country - a mixture of elegance and modest simplicity. It gives the aesthetics of the Old World, which is enhanced by the stability and the presence of a rustic finish, is timelessly attractive with exquisite bends and details.

In French country music, there is a contrast between richly decorated, complex and elegant details and coarse, rustic, unhewn - which serves as a great charm of style.

Do not shy away from adding elegant fabric to the space; put a wooden chest next to it.

Show scuffs, chips and grace of the once elegant furniture. As lighting elements, use pendants in the style of lanterns.

French style kitchen

French country mainly pastel, sustained in a few tones of a neutral palette. He has a lot in common with the Provence style, which is also the embodiment of the rural life of the French hinterland.

French country is popular all over the world because of its casual elegance, splashing colors and accents on natural or rustic accessories. Home improvement in the French style will not cost you a fortune. In fact, you can use your creativity to rework existing furniture to create a delightful space. Return to the menu

Basics of French Country Decor

French country has a warm and comfortable feeling. Regarding colors, it is better to stay on the warm side of the color spectrum, on colors that have medium and low intensity.Think about:

  • soft yellow (color of butter);
  • warm pink;
  • gently blue;
  • creamy.

Decor should have elegant and simple lines. In the French country a lot of painted furniture. Buying old damaged furniture is well suited for this style. Wrought iron or rusty metallic accents are also often included in this shebbi-chic.

Fabrics are always dense, always rely on traditional fabric. You can stand it in stripes, a cage or add wool - everything will do.

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BoardIn the kitchen there are many cans where main foodstuffs are stored. Find old identical cans to duplicate the look. Add hand-drawn labels or print them on your home printer. For walls, imitate the decor of old streets with their peculiar signs "Grocery" and so on.

You can make your own signs. Simply find craft shops with inexpensive wall signs or metal signs. Use wrought iron coasters to install pots or crockery with hooks for durability.

Simple lines with accents

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For traditional French country dining, choose artificially aged white non-bathroom chairs and use a round table wrought iron patio or garden table for an inexpensive dining room.

You can also repaint your wooden set or buy a new, painted in pastel or natural wood tones.

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Living room

Country houses should not be burdened by heavy drapes, as in the traditional style. Add openwork panel curtains to let the sun penetrate the room, while maintaining privacy. In front of the window, place a wrought iron bench with cushions to sit near the window.

Bright living room in bright colors.

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Old iron garden doors will look great as a headboard for a bed if you want to add French country to the bedroom.Use the old metal garden bench at the end of the bed as a seating area.. Commodes, painted in warm, pastel colors, slightly damaged, will bring a feeling of comfort to the room.

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Use forged towel racks or vintage wrought iron fruit bowls to hold towels. An old painted buffet under the sink fits in well here.

It's always nice to wake up in such a bedroom.

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Rustic country

This is the most authentic expression of country style in the sense that we all put into it unconsciously. If you choose un-hewn wooden beams and rough furniture - rustic style is for you. From of a pure rustic style, it is distinguished by a more varied decoration, in which you can include country-specific decorations.

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The basics

Naturalness, not delicate elegance and the underlined roughness of the surrounding natural component determines this style in interior design. It can also be made in French or other style. Most of all with the style of country combine it:

  • brick and vaulted wooden ceilings that can resemble Scandinavian notes;
  • white tones of the interior and figured wooden panels of rustic furniture, which, perhaps, look like Provence or English style;
  • individual pieces may look like classic or minimalism with gold inlays and dark colors, lots of textiles and volume.

This is the most authentic expression of rustic style.

But these are all different forms of rustic style:

  • use of natural materials (wood, stone, textured fabrics: canvas, burlap);
  • the quintessence of simplicity, naturalness, strength, rudeness;
  • simplicity of making furniture and simple decor;
  • the lack of modern materials: metal, plastic, synthetic fabrics;
  • natural colors (shades of brown, green, gold, gray);
  • touch handmade in the manufacture of furniture and decorative items;
  • special atmosphere of harmony with nature;
  • rustic eco-interior for chalet houses.

Rustic home interior

The interior in a rustic style is suitable for spacious accommodation: in a cottage, townhouse, villa, etc. The rustic style of the interior of the house is wood and stone, massive furniture and earthy decor, reminiscent of ancient houses. At the same time, rustic style in the interior - it is lightness and comfort. This is a combination of harsh rigidity and warm comfort, stability and simplicity, naturalness and tranquility.

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The history of the appearance of style

The name of the style comes from the French word "rustique", which means "village". This is the roughest of all the strict styles: the interior design of a house or apartment in this style involves the use of coarse raw (or artificially aged) natural materials. Attention is drawn to the texture and colors of wood, stone, canvas.

Initially, the prevalence of rustic interior design in apartments and houses began in America in the 19th century. Heavy, massive wooden furniture, deliberately rough dishes and decor - all this creates an atmosphere of naturalness and harmony, which the man lacked during the heyday of urban life.

Style name comes from the French word "rustique"

Rustic Country Style Interior Design:

  • Huge and free.
  • Furniture from rough raw logs and boards (or successful imitation of rough processing).
  • The abundance of artificially aged and truly antique decorative elements.
  • The combination of warm natural colors and shades that create a feeling of warmth.
  • Rough, homespun, textile.
  • Untreated or decorated with stone, plaster, brick walls.
  • Massive furniture, decorative materials, decorative products.
  • Bedroom with a unique wooden bed in a rustic style.

The main purpose of interior design in apartments in accordance with this style is to create stability, coarse elegance and pleasant simplicity. The focus of harmony and comfort, the warmth of natural materials and the natural beauty of the interior gives peace and contributes to peace.

Using a lot of wood

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Modern country rustic is still massive, rough and simple, but it is the perfect home interior design for a person with a busy schedule. Everywhere there are people who are tired of the brightness and artificiality of modern materials and fashion trends. The interior design of apartments in this style is an opportunity to make your home an island of harmony, comfort and peace.

This style is distinguished by its exceptional inner strength, which is in harmony with comfort and sophisticated simplicity, made very high quality. Characteristic:

  • rejection of all unnatural, bright, obsessive elements;
  • minimum clearance;
  • the atmosphere of a good old house.

A reasonable combination of comfort and naturalness: modern appliances located in the interior of an apartment or house harmoniously fit into an interior that does not violate the integrity of the style (the appliances are either hidden under the furniture fronts, or framed as antiques).

This style is used in many rich country houses both in America and in Europe. Designers of the CIS countries are also actively using motifs in the design of rural cottages, villas, hotels, motels and restaurants.

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Decoration ideas

To create a convincing, genuine country interior you do not need a lot of rustic decorations, but you need to pick the key elements well. A few carefully selected details will help create an authentic environment.

The unusual rustic decor has simple, natural beauty and has obvious touches of manual labor. close to nature, where nothing happens faster than a horse at full gallop.

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Idea # 1: Wall Clock

There is something very reassuring about this - the ticking of clocks in the peaceful atmosphere of a country house.

If you choose a wall clock as a rustic-style decoration, try to get it out with a mechanical clockwork. Of course, you have to charge it regularly, but you can hear a tick and maybe the cuckoo will work too.

Beautiful clock in the peaceful atmosphere of a country house

If you prefer a battery-powered watch, find a vintage (or reminiscent of "vintage"). They will bring beautiful rustic wall decorations to your rustic design.

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Idea # 2: Lighting

A candle always has a magical effect on the room, especially when it lights up the dining table. Without a dimmer switch, you can create the soft warm light of a living flame.

Here are some lighting options that you could use in your rustic style.:

  • chandeliers (with real candles);
  • wall sconces (with candles or fuel);
  • candelabra for the table;
  • real kerosene lamps (with an old canopy), hanging from the wall / ceiling or standing on the windowsill.
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Idea number 3: Wooden surfaces

Wood is the most important material in a rustic style. For a genuine look, it’s best to keep the furniture untreated.

Cozy dining room

Massive, polished tabletop ideal for eating with family and friends.

Wooden chairs with multi-colored pillows, a chest of drawers or a wardrobe, which demonstrates the beauty of natural wood, are also excellent accessories in a rustic interior decoration.

If you are just starting out or do not want to invest large sums of money in your rustic style, focus on smaller items.

Wooden bowls. Do not be tempted to fill them with beautiful, unfit items (unless these items are completely magnificent). Wooden bowls look more authentic when they are filled:

  • fruits;
  • kitchen utensils;
  • salad and other useful things.

Decorate the ceiling with wooden beams

Wooden kitchenware, eg:

  • trays;
  • cutting boards;
  • pestle and mortar;
  • salad servers;
  • cooking supplies.

Wooden containerssuch as boxes, crates, or small caskets. Rustic wooden wall shelves or plates for showcasing country-style kitchenware (or any dishware, in fact, if it’s not very smooth and modern).

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Idea number 4: inspiration from nature

Collect and show a few elements that reflect the simple, unassuming beauty of natural things:

  • chopped shells;
  • branches;
  • pebbles;
  • shells;
  • flowers;
  • leafy bouquet;
  • sand in a glass with a candle.